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  1. q-bud0621 commented on Off the Mark 3 months ago

    Where does the poisonous spur come from on the platypus?

  2. q-bud0621 commented on Baldo 5 months ago

    Yo soy uno que fue nacido y criado en los Estados Unidos. Inglés es mi idioma dominante, pero hablo, leo y escribo Español como un nativo. No fue por que padres me obligaron, si no que yo tenia el deseo de aprender.

  3. q-bud0621 commented on Baldo 9 months ago

    It is still practiced in Puerto Rico, however with the focus on gift giving on Santa Claus the gift is a token gift. Kids believe that Santa Claus has deep pockets and the three kings are just scraping by.

  4. q-bud0621 commented on Baldo 11 months ago

    I believe when the police officer is revealed, he probably be Hispanic also.

  5. q-bud0621 commented on Baldo 12 months ago

    I voted early yesterday and #2 is very believable. I am hispanic of Puerto Rican origin and it’s perceived by the eligible hispanic voters there is only one day to vote and the polling places aren’t open when they have free time.

  6. q-bud0621 commented on The Born Loser 12 months ago

    I use my cellphone to keep time.

  7. q-bud0621 commented on The Born Loser 12 months ago

    I retired as a corrections officer three years ago after twenty-six and half years, but the ultimate count down I encountered was when I was stationed in Germany in the early 80’s. The Freedom Bird poster was iconic.

  8. q-bud0621 commented on Baldo about 1 year ago

    My father didn’t like going to the doctor and I believe it’s because of the restrictions the doctor imposed to increase longer life. So grouchiness is a byproduct of doctor’s orders

  9. q-bud0621 commented on Mike Lester over 1 year ago

    Change the name to reflect the local area. So let’s hear for th Washington Corrupt Politicians!!!

  10. q-bud0621 commented on In the Bleachers over 1 year ago

    I knew a fellow that had a dog do the same thing. He bragged about the money he spent on obedience training, only to back fire in front of company.