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  1. q-bud0621 commented on Mike Lester 3 months ago

    Change the name to reflect the local area. So let’s hear for th Washington Corrupt Politicians!!!

  2. q-bud0621 commented on In the Bleachers 3 months ago

    I knew a fellow that had a dog do the same thing. He bragged about the money he spent on obedience training, only to back fire in front of company.

  3. q-bud0621 commented on The Born Loser 4 months ago

    In Puerto Rico the invasive species of the iguana has been called, “la gallina de palo” or tree chicken.

  4. q-bud0621 commented on The Knight Life 5 months ago

    Show off tattoos, maybe?

  5. q-bud0621 commented on Marmaduke 5 months ago

    My 9 year Boston Terrier thinks he’s a puppy, I can relate.

  6. q-bud0621 commented on Baldo 5 months ago

    My parents had a book that would decipher dreams into numbers. The only one who hit it big was the one who published the book.

  7. q-bud0621 commented on Cornered 5 months ago

    There is a negative feel about this strip.

  8. q-bud0621 commented on Ripley's Believe It or Not 5 months ago

    I wonder what was the monkey’s duties as the co-driver, wiping sweat? pouring coffee? or smacking Tim around like the monkey from A Night in the Museum?

  9. q-bud0621 commented on Michael Ramirez 6 months ago

    A yellow belly one, too.

  10. q-bud0621 commented on Reality Check 6 months ago

    I thought that the female mantis was the one that ate its mate and the black widow paralyzed its mate so their offspring 1st meal would be daddy.