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  1. dogncat commented on Candorville over 3 years ago

    So glad you don’t have to deal with cable?!? I’m so glad I don’t have to deal with Twitter!

  2. dogncat commented on Pooch Cafe almost 4 years ago

    Panel 2 – Poncho doing his Woody Allen, except he should be saying, “Don’t speak! No, no, please – don’t speak.”

  3. dogncat commented on Non Sequitur about 4 years ago

    That whirring sound you hear is Marshall McLuhan spinning in his grave.

  4. dogncat commented on That is Priceless over 4 years ago

    Christian Louboutin, of course.

  5. dogncat commented on Frazz over 4 years ago

    Redcaycei and simpsonfan2: Spelling is good to have in your tool kit along with grammar.

  6. dogncat commented on Bloom County almost 5 years ago

    Tender Vittles and Petromalt!

  7. dogncat commented on Candorville about 5 years ago

    @Ken Collier: You’re not watching enough of The Daily Show.
    @ Finbar Gurdy: Well put, and I’ll raise you a pun – He saw the word Communist, and turned on his right-wing BLINKERS, and proceeded serenely down the highway of geriatric knee-jerkedness. I mean the thinking’s geriatric. Not him, necessarily.

  8. dogncat commented on Candorville about 5 years ago

    I LOVE this twist! I also love that Candorville’s Decision is all over The Root – sa-weet!

  9. dogncat commented on Frazz about 5 years ago

    Mrs. Olsen didn’t specify character, author, etc. Can Caulfield’s costume be Great-Literature related in ANY way? I mean, although I will always have a soft spot (in my brain) for the Stooges, Curly? Ehh, I think that would be stretching it, likewise Frosty the Snowman. VillemezBrown’s idea is probably too obscure, but deliciously so. And wouldn’t Robert be too obvious, and not relevant to the "certainly/certainly not comments? Ooh, I like this game…

  10. dogncat commented on Frazz over 5 years ago

    A better question might be, what wouldn’t Caulfield do? I love, love, love Caulfield, I believe he is one of the great characters in American Literature, perhaps even surpassing his namesake. I also love Frazz the Fabulous Renaissance Man, and all the rest, even Mrs. What’shername (brain freeze), Caulfield’s bete noire — or is he hers? Hmm. Thank you, Jef Mallett, you hand me laughs, things to think about, and the occasional “Oh, NOW I get it!” later moment. Please keep doing it.