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  1. jpb_ca commented on Gasoline Alley over 2 years ago

    I don’t know if anyone will see this so late on Sunday, but the Tomah, Wisconsin quote is cute. Tomah is the place where Frank King lived much of his life.

  2. jpb_ca commented on Gasoline Alley almost 3 years ago

    Well, we now know that Gretchen is a concert pianist. That’s news.

  3. jpb_ca commented on Gasoline Alley almost 3 years ago

    First, she has already seen the messes as she’s been home for hours. Second, having seen my wife being elected a non-paying ‘president’ of some sort of association, I know from experience this means she’ll get all the worries and work, and little reward. Clovia’s in for more fun times…

  4. jpb_ca commented on Gasoline Alley almost 3 years ago

    Here’s a point of trivia: Gretchen was the name of Dick Moores’ wife.

  5. jpb_ca commented on Gasoline Alley almost 3 years ago

    Two comments: (1) There is a style of humor that Slim employs now and then (and it seems Gretchen does as well), that can ‘come off’ as stupid, but is actually clever. It’s where a question is answered in a non-obvious way. Gracie Allen did this, an example is: “Gracie, did the maid ever drop you on your head when you were a baby?” “Don’t be silly, George, we couldn’t afford a maid. My mother had to do it.” I always ‘read’ Slim’s humor, and many of his comments, in this light. (2) Once again, Slim’s kindness and love for family shows through. Slim shouldn’t be a laughing stock. He should be the ‘too kind for his own good’ counterpart to the ‘too clever for her own good’ Clovia. Done subtly, they really balance each other nicely. Make Slim an oaf (or Clovia a shrew) and it’s lost.

  6. jpb_ca commented on Gasoline Alley about 3 years ago

    Part of the reason Slim and Clovia own a garage, but don’t make much money, is that their ancestors NEVER DIE. Think about it: Walt started the garage. He’s still alive. He gets his cut of money – how else does he pay for Gertie? Then, there’s Skeezix and his wife – they get their cut as well. I am sure that Corky gets some cut of it, as Walt wouldn’t leave all of it to one child. Then, there’s Chipper, and also, Clovia and Slim need to support the mysterious Gretchen, who for all we know is locked in a foreign jail, and they are required to pay money to a protection racket to keep her safe. Because of the failure of anyone to die, there’s just an ever growing list of hands reaching out for their share.

  7. jpb_ca commented on Gasoline Alley over 3 years ago

    …at the expense of making honest Slim a tax cheat… sigh

  8. jpb_ca commented on Gasoline Alley over 3 years ago

    A strip that would show this earlier dynamic, instead of todays, would have Clovia writing bills, annoyed, Slim mentioning the needy, Clovia saying we can’t afford to help, Slim saying “Clovia, we can’t afford NOT to help” and Clovia, smiling, agreeing and giving Slim a kiss or such, appreciative of the lesson.

  9. jpb_ca commented on Gasoline Alley over 3 years ago

    rmbdot -

    I went back and read the complete GA archive online about a year ago – the panels read much better in quick reading succession (took about 2 hours or so). Also found old strips re: their adoption of Rover. The way it was originally written was “Clovia is the clear-headed pragmatist with a temper. Slim is not bright, and often bumbly, but has a heart of gold.” Net-net, Clovia teaches slim practicality; Slim teaches Clovia kindness. By making Clovia as kind (even kinder!) than Slim, the strip’s author has lost the core value that Clovia would respect in Slim, and find attractive. As a result, their marriage seems just odd.

  10. jpb_ca commented on Gasoline Alley over 3 years ago

    Wow. Such bitterness. They are people who work hard (at least Clovia does.) If Clovia now and then grasps hopefully at a straw here and there, who can blame her? Life with Slim is no picnic (probably because he would eat all the food in the basket, on the way to the park.)