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  1. ppowers345 commented on Nest Heads almost 3 years ago

    @eppie_hc My thoughts exactly. noradsanta.org. He was last seen hitting Perth. :)

  2. ppowers345 commented on Thatababy almost 3 years ago

    Um, Sergio Aragones is not dead…

  3. ppowers345 commented on Real Life Adventures about 3 years ago

    It originated in 1922 in Cleveland put together by the council of 12 confectioners. The whole point was to sell more candy. Outside Ohio and Michigan it is pretty much non-existent. I only know this because my GF is from MI. :)

  4. ppowers345 commented on Ben over 3 years ago

    @ncalifgirl58 – All the comics I can’t get here, I read at sfgate.com/comics