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Dick Tracy

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  1. Ray Toler commented on Dick Tracy about 5 hours ago

    Excellent as always. Great couplets. Probably wouldn’t have used the word "lass. I would have been too lazy to type all of the letters.

  2. Ray Toler commented on Dick Tracy 5 days ago

    Here is an excellent article on Joe Staton for his birthday yesterday.

    Article on Joe Staton

  3. Ray Toler commented on Dick Tracy 8 days ago

    The same may also apply to that of Abner Kadaver’s – now that we realize he wears a mask
    That is a confusing subject. When we saw Abner in prison, he didn’t look much different and the obviously wasn’t wearing a mask there. In addition, it had been stated in the strip earlier that he didn’t need makeup to look as he did. This leads me to think that perhaps it was not Abner that Tracy pulled into the wet concrete but a stand in wearing an Abner mask.

  4. Ray Toler commented on Dick Tracy 8 days ago

    When did the family get that phone, anyway? They used to have to go down to Felton’s Barbershop when they wanted to make a phone call.

    They probably got it about the same time that they got the kitchen stove with the built-in TV that they used to have. When Sparkle was married to Vera Alldid, he made several modern improvements to their home including that stove. The home itself used to be a real estate office owned by Diet Smith. When that house burned down, Diet built them an exact replica on the same site (which was once used to illegally dump hazardous waste).

    I seem to recall that B.O. and Gertie have been rich and poor many times over. They made a lot of money when Sparkle was a child star and during the Moon period Gertie and Sparkle broadcast commercials from the Moon. I believe that they once won the lottery or some other big-prize contest. I believe Gould found a lot of irony in their “dumb” luck.

    There is a very high and impressive bridge in Chicago called the Skyway. I also seem to recall that their home used to be directly under a Tracyville representation of that bridge.

    Because it was discovered that she had a treasure map tattooed on her head, Gertie was once abducted on her way to the outhouse when the kidnappers dropped a rope over the side of the bridge, lassoed her, and pulled her up leaving only the mystery of her tracks in the snow abruptly ending. I suppose that the highway has been re-routed nowadays since we no longer see the bridge above their home.

    It’s true that B.O. hasn’t been holding “Chick Tracy” lately. I heard he was getting a new pet pig…“Ham Catchem” …Hmmm…How kosher was Sam’s deli?

  5. Ray Toler commented on Dick Tracy 8 days ago

    Have y’all noticed that Gravel Girtie’s old-timey wall-mounted rotary-dial phone only has 8 digits instead of the necessary 10?
    That’s because she only knows how to count up to 8.

  6. Ray Toler commented on Dick Tracy 11 days ago

    Gould did not draw the outline of the nose. He apparently only drew the nostrils.

  7. Ray Toler commented on Dick Tracy 11 days ago

    Trey is a common nickname for someone who has a “the third” after their name.

    I’m doubting that Congressman Trey Gowdy thinks its a sissy name.

  8. Ray Toler commented on Dick Tracy 12 days ago

    i just read n the dick tracy wiki page that there was some question as to why blowtop doesnt share the same noggin as his brother flattop or the rest of the jones family

    The family has the same question…

  9. Ray Toler commented on Dick Tracy 12 days ago

    This is like WWF’s thing where they keep throwing baddies into the cage and pretty soon, it’s elbow room only…..
    Perhaps Thunderchild needs to run in and hit everybody with a steel chair.

  10. Ray Toler commented on Dick Tracy 16 days ago

    I fully realize that each writer and artist must bring their own talents and personality to the strip, otherwise they would just be trying to “clone” Gould’s work

    I look at it like when a new actor takes the part of James Bond or Doctor Who. The actor is playing the same character but with his own interpretation of the role. Any writer can only write based upon his own interpretation, experiences, and personality. I believe Mike has brought his own interpretation while his love of the art has kept him true to Gould’s spirit. All of this is done through the filter of the modern day rather than the gangbuster 30s of the early days of the strip. The days of hardboilded Tracy bursting into a crook’s lair with tommy gun blazing are no more and can’t be again. I appreciate how Mike has brought Tracy into the modern world with just enough touches of the old to keep the overall meme of Disk Tracy.