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Dick Tracy

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  1. Ray Toler commented on Dick Tracy about 1 hour ago

    Comic usually go belly up for a good reason.

    The Dick Tracy strip was also going belly up before Mike and Joe took over. It seems that after their revival of DT they would be the perfect team to revive Annie.

  2. Ray Toler commented on Dick Tracy about 5 hours ago

    Perhaps Axel is telling the truth about the time bubble and the failed time experiment. Perhaps the rescue squad has passed through the barrier without knowing it. Perhaps Daddy, Asp, Punjab and Annie will opt to stay in 1944 and that will be the basis for a reboot of the Annie strip. I have always thought that this story looks like an audition for a revival of Little Orphan Annie and have said so before.

  3. Ray Toler commented on Dick Tracy 2 days ago

    Thanks, Syd, for your thoughts and good analysis.

  4. Ray Toler commented on Dick Tracy 4 days ago

    " . . . lets hope the surprise attack comes quickly before Alex figures things out … etc"
    Thought – this was an on the ground ‘INTELLEGENCE GATHERING’ mission, one headed, defined, and authorized by the FBI’s Agent – Fritz Ann ? (8-30-14)

    Guess it’s possible that events could overtake the group, and they would have to defend themselves.

    Actually,.given the script – she hardly seems to be leading anything (?) – other than a question to Tracy (9-16-14) asking about what’s going on !

    We may have to question Axel’s leadership qualities today, suspicious yes, but not the brightest bulb in the room ?
    Seems ‘Light Years’ behind the thinking that was able to ANTICIPATE Tracy’s arrival, and deal with it so effectively, down to having uniforms, badges – etc already in place ?

    I don’t believe Axel’s sentries anticipated Tracy’s arrival. I believe that they caught Tracy, drugged him, put him in the hospital and kept him unconcious all the while subcounciously brainwashing him until clothing and a back story could be developed to explain his presence in Simmons Corners.

    Fritz Ann may not seem to be leading the mission but the mission has changed. The mission was to save Annie. None of the rescuers knew about Axel or the fake town until they got there. No one, including Tracy, knows the why of this elaborate setup.

    I agree with you, Syd, there will likely be no surprise attack. They may be forced to defend themselves which would cause some action but it would be foolish to intentionally attack when they are not aware of the full extent of Axel’s defenses or the reason behind his deceptions.

  5. Ray Toler commented on Dick Tracy 5 days ago

    Didn’t they give this poor girl any OTHER type of dress?

    In Gray’s strips, Annie wore fairly stylish and expensive clothing when she was with Daddy. When she found herself in an orphanage or workhouse, she was often drawn wearing the plaid uniform of the orphanage. The red dress was her general costume however sometimes Gray would add a belt or a different collar.

  6. Ray Toler commented on Dick Tracy 6 days ago

    I am also wondering about Axel’s use of a short wave radio to communicate with his superiors. Unless he has some method of encrypting his communications, the airwaves are open to anyone who wants to listen.

  7. Ray Toler commented on Dick Tracy 6 days ago

    On Sept. 7 Axel stated to his superior that he had “recruited” (in quotes meaning he brainwashed) the construction workers to act as townspeople. Annie questioned the fact that the Silo’s would work for Axel. This indicates that Axel is not being comepetely honest (big surprise) even with his superiors. Obviously the Silo’s, Kenyon’s assistants, Tracy, Annie, Lum and Abner, and possibly others were not the original construction workers. And, is Annie the only child in town? Is there a school?

    The fact that Axel even has superiors indicates to me that much more is left to be discovered in this story. I am doubting that it will end within a week.

  8. Ray Toler commented on Dick Tracy 6 days ago

    Hmmm….this makes me wonder if the Silo’s are so brainwashed that they do not realize that they have been transported somehow to this faux Simmons Corners? It is probably best that everyone spends the night in the barn away from the powerful effects of the Belinda broadcast. It obviously did not take long for Tracy to fall under the effects. It makes me wonder if Axel is also drugging the water supply with hypnotic drugs.

  9. Ray Toler commented on Dick Tracy 10 days ago

    I am always amazed at how fast you are able to compose your poetic summaries.

  10. Ray Toler commented on Dick Tracy 16 days ago

    Kudos to Mike, Joe, Shelley, Shane, and Jim. Best two years in a row!

    Also another good summary and a little congratulatory gem from Pequod77 today.