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Dick Tracy

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  1. Ray Toler commented on Dick Tracy about 18 hours ago

    Tardis is Doctor Who’s time machine. It is an acronym meaning Time And Relative Dimensions In Space.

  2. Ray Toler commented on Dick Tracy 1 day ago

    I’m pretty sure that Tracy has more than one overcoat. He wears it just about everywhere all the time, so I think he’d want at least one spare. Maybe he even keeps a spare in the boat.
    Actually, I have enjoyed seeing Tracy without the overcoat. Gould used to dress him according to the season.

  3. Ray Toler commented on Dick Tracy 3 days ago

    Is it possible that what Axel is covering up is that all of these people have been pulled up from the past?
    I have thought of this possibility as well.

  4. Ray Toler commented on Dick Tracy 4 days ago

    I honestly don’t know how you come up with your poems so quickly. They always make me smile.

  5. Ray Toler commented on Dick Tracy 5 days ago

    I hope this is going somewhere soon. It’s taking forever.
    It depends on what you expect from a comic strip.

    If you want a simple plot on an elementary level, the story may seem to be long because we only get 3 panels per day. This could be the equivalent of reading a novel and only reading one paragraph per day. You might tend to think that the book is extremely long.

    On the other hand, if you want a more involved story line that is more adult-oriented, three panels a day require a certain amount of time to lay out the plot complications.

    I always suggest going back to the beginning of the arc and reading the dailies in sequence in one setting. Whenever I have done this, I have found that the story flows very well and does not seem long or drawn out at all.

  6. Ray Toler commented on Dick Tracy 5 days ago

    how come Tracy knows Lonnie’s name?
    How come everyone in town knows Tracy? He obviously wasn’t always there. I can only assume that the hypnosis makes everyone familiar with each other.

  7. Ray Toler commented on Dick Tracy 5 days ago

    Hitler’s Madmen was a famous anti-Nazi propaganda film loosely based on a true story about Nazi’s ruthless revenge against a Czech village during the war with John Carradine as an incredibly evil (Axel-type) Nazi officer.

    A different version of the same story was made into the movie Hangmen Also Die (also in 1943) by Fritz Lang (German expressionist film maker who did the famous silent movie Metropolis), John Weley (most famous film-Angels with Dirty Faces), and the famous playwright Bertold Brecht (this was his only Hollywood movie).

    Vista Bill may be interested to know that this movie featured Walter Brennan, since he used to use a Walter Brennan icon for his posts.

    Brecht, Lang, and Wexley (and some of the actors as well) were all blacklisted by the McCarthy hearings (House Committee on Un-American Activities) because of alleged connections to the Communist party following the war.

    Edna St. Vincent Millay wrote a poem based upon the original Czech village incident. Lang considered using Millay’s poem as the opening scene in Hangmen Also Die but did not. The poem does, however, appear in Hitler’s Madmen.

  8. Ray Toler commented on Dick Tracy 5 days ago

    Unlike more conventional Tracy stories, we have not spent much time with the villain. This leaves us, thus far, more in the dark than usual as to detailed knowledge of his activities.
    You are correct, Pequod. Because Dick Tracy is a detective strip does not mean that it is a mystery strip although it can be. Generally the reader knows the crime, knows the criminal, and the fun is watching Tracy et. al. trace him down and catch him (like the names of the main characters Tracy and Catchem). That is not the format of this particular arc. There is precedent for this however. Gould occasionally deviated from his normal format and presented a few mystery arcs over the years

  9. Ray Toler commented on Dick Tracy 8 days ago

    You are correct. I saw the strip in the Chicago Tribune this morning. The black and white version is particularly impressive and striking.

  10. Ray Toler commented on Dick Tracy 9 days ago

    You are correct that there are a lot of inconsistencies (war service, calendar dates, etc.—although in this story line Tracy supposedly was sent home wounded). However, the inconsistencies are so obvious and glaring that I can’t help but think that they are done on purpose rather than inadvertently. The quality of a good detective is to make sense out of clues that seem senseless. It seems from today’s strip that Tracy is starting to lay a trap to put these clues together.