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Dick Tracy

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  1. Ray Toler commented on Dick Tracy about 14 hours ago

    The strips you have posted show Locher’s art at its best. It even demonstrates that if he wanted, he COULD draw hands.

    I always appreciated his stylized use of black and white in his daily panels but detested his use of only bright primary colors in his Sundays.

    It was sad that his artwork degraded in his later years. His early work was stellar.

  2. Ray Toler commented on Dick Tracy about 14 hours ago

    He will definitely be back. Whether the Blackhearts will rise again is still an open question. It could be that he will try a more solo approach. A large organization leaves room for mutinies and such
    I believe that you are correct. This, I believe, is a multi-chapter story and only this chapter has been told so far.

  3. Ray Toler commented on Dick Tracy about 16 hours ago

    Bribery had an air car. He also had a large organization rich enough to engineer a Moon Maid Chimera. Could that organization and their scientific knowledge have reverse engineered the air car and created some sort of air transport to lift the gold to the top floor of Ace Tower? We do not have the information to say specifically but it seems like a possibility.

    As readers we tend to think of the Blackhearts as only the few we have met in the strip (Venus, Apollo, Melies, etc.) but if we recall, the Blackhearts organization encompassed an entire European branch (and likely branches in other countries involving many other members).

    Bribery has always been like a spider sitting in the middle of his web feeling the tug of any string leading to another division of his large empire. I estimate he will be back and that the Blackhearts will somehow rise again.

    In the past when Bribery was temporarily foiled by Tracy he whined and cried. This time he flew off in his air car with maniacal laughter. Was he secure in his knowledge that although Tracy and the FBI were successful in their present raid they had only put a chink in the armor of what is a larger criminal enterprise than they knew.

  4. Ray Toler commented on Dick Tracy 1 day ago

    Beautiful summation of the situation as things stand.

  5. Ray Toler commented on Dick Tracy 1 day ago

    Someone suggested yesterday that strips like today’s are “throwaway” sequences, meaning they’re not central to the story. I seriously beg to differ. It’s exactly this sort of character development that’s needed for us to care about the story in the first place.
    Totally agree.

  6. Ray Toler commented on Dick Tracy 3 days ago

    Here’s a picture from the Posie Ermine story showing Sam’s trilby hat.

  7. Ray Toler commented on Dick Tracy 3 days ago

    Blame the colorists, but I think that’s Sam’s long-lost hat!
    I wouldn’t mind if Sam ditched the derby. Even Gould canned the derby in his later years and drew Sam wearing a Trilby. The Trilby continued to be Sam’s headwear for many years until Mike and Joe revived the derby.

  8. Ray Toler commented on Dick Tracy 4 days ago

    They can have some fun with it now, knowing that it won’t lead to anything involving infidelity.
    I believe that the nature of the strip could not allow our heroes (Tracy, Sam, and the other MCU members) to participate in infidelity. While Gould and the other writers of the strip have often shown the characters in family and personal situations, we would lose faith in the nobility of our heroes if such a thing were to occur.

  9. Ray Toler commented on Dick Tracy 8 days ago

    Congrats to Mike, Joe, and the team for the Harvey Award threepete.

  10. Ray Toler commented on Dick Tracy 19 days ago

    Thanks, Willy for pointing out that the air cars were not Diet Smith technology. I was thinking the same thing but did not have time to go through old strips to find the references.