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  1. CFinFL commented on Tarzan 1 day ago

    It is my belief that the residents are fully aware of what is going on, & actually set up the whole scenario to test the true motives of their “captives”. I believe they have been watching from a distance & out of sight the whole time.

  2. CFinFL commented on Tarzan 1 day ago

    #1. Every time in the past, I saw Tarzan carry his knife on his right side, not the left, where he appears to be drawing it from now. #2. Didn’t Tarzan say all of the weapons were to be left behind in the room to be guarded by Larson?

  3. CFinFL commented on Rudy Park 3 days ago

    He can get an employee discount on the undies, & the taxpayers/government will no longer be paying 100 percent to support him. I would say that is somewhat better.

  4. CFinFL commented on Tarzan 13 days ago

    What happened to Tarzans weapons? Didn’t he enter with his knife & bow?

  5. CFinFL commented on Candorville 14 days ago

    And in many cases they rightly deserve it.

  6. CFinFL commented on Tarzan 20 days ago

    So why does Tarzan think his arrow shot is going to be less dangerous than that of a rifle?

  7. CFinFL commented on Arlo and Janis 21 days ago

    The opposite of “in this”?

  8. CFinFL commented on Dick Tracy 21 days ago

    NG49—-An Ally Oop calendar? 19360?

  9. CFinFL commented on Alley Oop 23 days ago

    Could he possibly be Lana Larondes brother trying to rescue her, or just one of Stogies bad guys.

  10. CFinFL commented on Tarzan 23 days ago

    Guard duty is a serious responsibility, especially with what they have previously encountered. He is stupid to have let himself doze off.