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Wizard of Id

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  1. CFinFL commented on Working Daze 7 days ago

    The “terrorist” at the St. Cloud MN mall that stabbed 9 people before being shot dead, might qualify as one.

  2. CFinFL commented on B.C. 9 days ago

    Just as long as you only eat the bacon & onions, & discard what is left.

  3. CFinFL commented on Andy Capp 11 days ago

    @BZ—-The way I heard it was, “it now takes you all night to do once, what you once did all night.”

  4. CFinFL commented on Alley Oop 11 days ago

    @NG49—-Time for that all powerful sword to come into action again, or is it being saved as a last action backup?

  5. CFinFL commented on Garfield Classics 16 days ago

    I think in this case that “in the end”, means (tack) “in the butt”.

  6. CFinFL commented on Broom Hilda 18 days ago

    Mr. Myers, I think you meant pat head & rub tummy, as the way stated does not appear to match the actions of Broom Hilda.

  7. CFinFL commented on Working Daze 23 days ago

    @Scott (&John)—-Kathy looked big enough that you could surprise us with twins—a boy & a girl, & wouldn’t Roy be really surprised!

  8. CFinFL commented on Shoe 23 days ago

    Wow! I never knew that you could manufacture a major airline. I thought it was airliners for the airlines that were manufactured.

  9. CFinFL commented on Working Daze 23 days ago

    @Scott—-Is that Geneva at the North end of Seneca Lake? That baby is due anytime now—has it been decided yet a boy or girl, or will you let the readers (vote) decide, since this an election year?

  10. CFinFL commented on Tarzan 27 days ago

    Tarzan is not the least bit worried about her hunting lions. With his record, it’s a wonder that lions aren’t on the endangered species list.