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  1. Dunestrider commented on Monty about 24 hours ago

    Doesn’t that robot have any mechanized weaponry? The Lost in Space robot could shoot lightning from its hands.

  2. Dunestrider commented on The Dinette Set about 24 hours ago

    Is Joy losing weight? Her midsection looks less midsectiony.

  3. Dunestrider commented on Monty 2 days ago

    I meant “chameleon”.

  4. Dunestrider commented on Monty 2 days ago

    Maybe the are like American camelion lizards that can go from brown to green.

  5. Dunestrider commented on Monty 3 days ago

    And they failed their test. Annihilate them all, Monty.

  6. Dunestrider commented on The Dinette Set 3 days ago

    It is tacky to announce the price of anything you have. For example, “I paid $3,000 for this bicycle!” To which I will respond, “Are you bragging or complaining?”

  7. Dunestrider commented on Monty 8 days ago

    Many years ago, I came across a huge swarm of Monarch butterflies.. It was like they were flying in a big ball. There were so many of them I could hear them (the flapping of their wings). Now, monarchs are getting to be a rare sight.

  8. Dunestrider commented on The Dinette Set 8 days ago

    Black olives, mushrooms, green peppers, tomatoes, onions: my favorite pizza toppings from “Pumps on 12”, a (now closed) restaurant off of U.S. Highway 12 in the Town of Pines, Indiana.

    This restaurant was a favorite of CNN’s Larry King as we’ll.

  9. Dunestrider commented on Dilbert Classics 10 days ago

    My first computer was a “Microace” computer, built from a kit. 1 K of RAM. Soldering iron not included.

  10. Dunestrider commented on Calvin and Hobbes 10 days ago

    A few years ago, I was riding my motorcycle. I was wearing shorts. A yellow jacket wasp was scooped into the leg opening of the shorts, and started stinging me, multiple times, near very sensitive body parts. Ouch!