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  1. NickelAlloy commented on Jack Ohman about 19 hours ago

    Just because you support a full-blown liar doesn’t mean YOU have to be one. Or maybe it does.

  2. NickelAlloy commented on Nick Anderson about 19 hours ago

    Facts? We don’t need no stinkin’ facts.

  3. NickelAlloy commented on Nick Anderson 5 days ago

    That’s ridiculous- you can’t suck brain matter out of a Congresscritter any more than you can suck orange juice out of a basketball.

  4. NickelAlloy commented on Shoe 12 days ago

    Never married. Crazy, not stupid.

  5. NickelAlloy commented on Jack Ohman 17 days ago

    It’s really only appropriate that 9/11 be used to move merchandise. 9/11 is a sacred day for the repubs. Without their politicization of it, the repub party might be only an historical footnote by now. Also consider all those untold billions made by the corporations with the right connections. If repubs could feel gratitude, Osama bin Laden would be number one on their list- even ahead of Cheney and his sock-puppet.

  6. NickelAlloy commented on Nick Anderson 17 days ago

    You’re wasting your time- if republicans could reason, they wouldn’t be republicans. They are are completely impervious to facts or evidence, except for the nonsense fabricated by Fox.

  7. NickelAlloy commented on Rob Rogers 17 days ago

    It’s all about ratings (money). Why wouldn’t NBC use their best-known overpaid cue-card reader? The media have no interest in a healthy Republic. Quite the opposite.

  8. NickelAlloy commented on Stuart Carlson 18 days ago

    What about the IQ of the roughly 50 million voters suppoting him?

  9. NickelAlloy commented on Nick Anderson 19 days ago

    In the USA, if you dig deep enough, everything traces back to our national religion- money.

  10. NickelAlloy commented on Jack Ohman 28 days ago

    Bush, Cruz, Perry and so many others- they’d pretty much have to be, wouldn’t they?