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  1. SusanSunshine GoComics Pro Member commented on Ballard Street about 2 hours ago

    Wow, Bev… you did that while I was typing about the same thing…
    but apparently, using the same URL that Alexikakos and I both found worked for you and not for me!

    However i use it, if it has Pixabay in the address, I get the same black graphic, except when I plug it into Google search by image.

  2. SusanSunshine GoComics Pro Member commented on Ballard Street about 3 hours ago

    Alexi….. and Ling, of course.

    Unfortunately, I’d already tried that, when I first saw Ling’s non-working image.

    It doesn’t work, at least not from my computer.

    Though it makes no sense to me, I do think these things can be geographical…
    the Linguist sees his image and I don’t…

    and when I use PostImage no one can see what I post, though I can.

    Trying from here to view the image at its URL, which you just posted, only displays the same graphic I see in Ling’s post…
    which does make sense, because an image post IS a direct link to that URL.

    And even going directly to the Pixabay home page and searching for it by name only brought up the same graphic.

    Ling…. if that didn’t work, and you see the correct image…
    I just see a black rectangle that says “Discover Pixabay” and “No Hot Linking.”

    My plan had been to find the same picture on another site and re-post it for Ling….
    I’ve done that for Bev and Rose and others in the past….
    but searching Google Images with this particular URL didn’t bring up any alternate versions..

    It did find one site that supposedly had a “matching image” but when I got there I didn’t see anything that looked right.

    I found one of a hammock on a different page there, but don’t know whether it was the right one…
    so I didn’t post it….

    But wow…

    After typing all that…..
    I just looked again…
    and tonight there are some alternate sites on Image Search that it didn’t find earlier….
    Ling… is this it??

  3. SusanSunshine GoComics Pro Member commented on Wrong Hands about 3 hours ago

    olddog… LOL

    Before Pinterest, searching on Google found images all over the web.
    A great armchair tour of the world.

    It still finds them… but now a very large percentage are on Pinterest pages.

    Those are mostly only 236 pixel wide previews instead of the originals

    … and the site quickly throws up a pop-up that blocks you from seeing them, much less enlarging or downloading them for a better look.
    To go farther, you must become a member and then log in every time.

    So… I was just musing that somebody must have thought we needed Pinterest,
    not just to find or display beaded walnut-shell ornaments,
    but to ruin Google image search too.

  4. SusanSunshine GoComics Pro Member commented on Ballard Street about 5 hours ago


    Glad you’re back….
    and yeah, there’s tons of food left for you.

  5. SusanSunshine GoComics Pro Member commented on Ballard Street about 18 hours ago

    Nelson is courting disaster, if he’s sitting with both legs sticking out on the same side of the hammock.

    And Rollo is also courting disaster…
    lying underneath the hammock from which Nelson may tumble.

    I can’t watch!

    Rose…. really?

    I had an old couch and chair, originally bought, or so I was told, in the 1920’s, upholstered in deep red mohair…

    Couldn’t find just the right picture but the chair was shaped a bit like this one….

    Most comfortable chair I’ve ever owned… I miss it still!

    have one on me….

    And Monkey!
    Hope you show up and check the last couple of days!

  6. SusanSunshine GoComics Pro Member commented on Fat Cats about 18 hours ago

    BobCat needs a work ethic patch.

    BTW… Charlie… I wasn’t complaining about the kitties not showing up on time…
    after all, rich catnip moguls can work when they please.

    I meant it as an explanation for why I wasn’t here in time to post.

  7. SusanSunshine GoComics Pro Member commented on Off the Mark about 19 hours ago

    If the rhyme is a riddle, as is commonly thought,
    letting on that he’s an egg would be giving the answer….

    Not fair, before everyone gets a crack at it.

    BTW, … no, the King’s horses.are probably not equine orthopedists or even skilled users of Super Glue…

    The “King’s Horses” probably refers to mounted troops.
    So not even the military might of the King can put an egg back together.

    PS… from yesterday…
    thanks Womble!

    Actually, I’ve been around…
    but I’ve been busy….
    when I’m tired I sometimes fall asleep before I make it through my whole comics list.


  8. SusanSunshine GoComics Pro Member commented on Cleo and Company about 20 hours ago


    It wasn’t me you asked, and I may have misunderstood,…
    but the only Sunday comic I saw that JP Steve posted was this past Sunday’s “Bloom County 2016.”

    Is that the one for which you wanted a link?

    Cos that strip is here on GoComics …
    and apparently comes out a week earlier on Facebook, too… though AFAIK, it’s on an irregular schedule on both.

    Late or not, I’d rather have it on my GoComics page….
    it’s simpler, I can read the comments…
    and I don’t have to remember to check Facebook….

    If you want to check it out or add it to your page….

    Dennis and Bev….

    I don’t remember the Shakespeare quip….
    but reading Greek plays always brought out the stage directions…
    “Euripides curtains, I breaka you face.”

  9. SusanSunshine GoComics Pro Member commented on Cleo and Company about 21 hours ago

    Ah…. beautiful, Stel….

    It’s a period that really suits Cleo, isn’t it?

    The soft look…. the big eyes, the plump cheeks and fingers,
    the long, droopy ears … I mean hair…
    … or maybe ears….

    And she’s quite the vamp… well suited to the melodrama of the silent era.
    Not to mention how much she loves salami!

    Nice job!

  10. SusanSunshine GoComics Pro Member commented on Wrong Hands about 22 hours ago

    Also … “I sure wish the results on Google Image Search were more useless.”