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  1. PMDj1 commented on BUNS about 4 years ago

    Somebody has a tell!

  2. PMDj1 commented on Dan Wasserman about 4 years ago

    We went clean for Gene and then voted for McGovern but none of it mattered…

  3. PMDj1 commented on New Adventures of Queen Victoria about 4 years ago

    Watership Run, Rabbit, RUN!!!

  4. PMDj1 commented on Liberty Meadows about 4 years ago

    I’ve got a dachshund that goes through an amazing search sequence before he decides on a place to do his business!

  5. PMDj1 commented on Agnes about 4 years ago

    Guns?!?? I thought she was saying “Gums!”

  6. PMDj1 commented on The Boondocks over 4 years ago

    Knowing which piece of silverware to use when confronted by a new food!

  7. PMDj1 commented on 9 to 5 over 4 years ago

    Time for the “three fingered salute…”

  8. PMDj1 commented on Graffiti over 4 years ago

    Oddly enough, I was a genius until the school found out that cost them more $$. Falsified my records to avoid the cost…

  9. PMDj1 commented on Citizen Dog over 4 years ago

    Why take up space with these “Hello?” No one cares except the named. Try email!

  10. PMDj1 commented on Gary Varvel over 4 years ago

    I’m beginning to think so.