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  1. rk911 commented on The Dinette Set about 1 month ago

    in one fall trip to Yellowstone we had rented a cabin near Old Faithful. got up one morning and looked out the window to see the following scene unfolding: an older man holding a very small dog by its leash. the dog was on the ground and both had their backs to the lodge building. the wife with her camera was maybe 20’-25’ away with her back to Old Faithful. get the picture?

    between the husband and the lodge was a large bison feeding on the grass, maybe 75’ behind the man. the wife was motioning with one hand to the husband to move back towards the grazing bison while she took in the scene thru the camera’s viewfinder. the husband complied, walking backwards, but he had to drag the dog as fido, now turned and facing the bison, had dug in his front legs and had his bum on the ground. the wife kept motioning hubby back with a wave of her hand. fido was really squirming and fighting the leash now and wanted no part of this.

    at one point the husband must’ve crossed the invisible line because with a mighty snort emitting a cloud of steam from it’s nostrils and with a shake of it’s head the bison started trotting towards hubby and fido. well, fido gave a final tug ripping it’s leash from his owner’s hand and in a brilliant burst of speed ran off with the leash trailing on the ground behind him. the wife, seeing this thru the viewfinder, took off at a 90-degree angle. hubby, a little slow on the uptake, seeing his faithful canine companion and wife suddenly make tracks to somewhere, anywhere, else finally looked over his shoulder as the bison was building up speed. hubby, or should I call him Burl, decided discretion was the better part of valor and also took off at a 90-deg angle. the bison crossed the spot where Burl had been standing just a few seconds earlier and then raced across the boardwalk that surrounds Old Faithful and resumed his breakfast.

    this whole scene took not even 30 seconds to play out and I didn’t have my camera handy. no video cams in those days. I do have a photo of the victorious bison eating on Old Faithful. it was quite the eye opener!

  2. rk911 commented on The Dinette Set about 1 month ago

    we’ve been to Yellowstone many times. on one visit among the many pamphlets and other papers we were given at the check-in booth was a bright red sheet of paper with the headline in big, bold type: “YOU HAVE AN ABSOLUTE RIGHT TO DIE IN THIS PARK” and then “HERE’S HOW TO DO IT”. it then listed the many, many ways you could die in the park…approaching wildlife, feeding wildlife, leaving the paths, etc. we thought it was an excellent way to drive home the point.

  3. rk911 commented on The Dinette Set about 1 month ago

    33-cent stamps??? where do I get some of those?!

  4. rk911 commented on The Dinette Set 6 months ago

    actually, you CAN exchange or get a refund on a movie ticket provided you leave relatively soon after the movie starts…at least at some theatres. I know because when i was still working and ‘on-call’ we had to leave a movie about 15-mins after it started when I received a page (yes, this was back in the day of pagers) to head into work. we were given a pair of passes to any movie, any time at that theatre.

  5. rk911 commented on The Dinette Set 8 months ago

    @ 2old….thoughts and prayers coming your way.

  6. rk911 commented on The Dinette Set 10 months ago

    why did the pig cross the road? to get to the other sty, of course. ;o)

  7. rk911 commented on The Dinette Set 10 months ago

    the poppies that USED to be given out on Armistice Day symbolize the dead lost in Flander’s Field during the Great War. haven’t seen them in a long, long time. i’m sure someone was somehow offended by them…someone always seems to be offended by something these days.

    almost lost my great-uncle in the war. he was left for dead on the battlefield but later discovered to be alive by those collecting the dead. he lost a lung and a kidney but went on to be a successful farmer and he lived into his 80’s. i miss you, Uncle Frank.

  8. rk911 commented on The Dinette Set 10 months ago

    i’m not overweight, i’m just undertall!

  9. rk911 commented on The Dinette Set 10 months ago

    we’ve been to Yellowstone NP many times. I recall one visit back in the late 80’s. we were at the entrance station, paid the fee and received the usual handful of literature about the park. amongst the park maps and information about Old Faitnful, the lodge, etc. was a bright orange sheet of paper. at the top in big, bold lettering was…’YOU HAVE AN ASBOLUTE RIGHT TO DIE IN THIS NATIONAL PARK". the text below the headline went on to explain how one could do this by approaching or feeding wildlife, getting between a momma and her young, etc. Burl would be totally confused.

  10. rk911 commented on Stone Soup 11 months ago

    French fries ARE a vegetable! ;o)