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  1. rk911 commented on The Dinette Set about 1 month ago

    actually, you CAN exchange or get a refund on a movie ticket provided you leave relatively soon after the movie starts…at least at some theatres. I know because when i was still working and ‘on-call’ we had to leave a movie about 15-mins after it started when I received a page (yes, this was back in the day of pagers) to head into work. we were given a pair of passes to any movie, any time at that theatre.

  2. rk911 commented on The Dinette Set 3 months ago

    @ 2old….thoughts and prayers coming your way.

  3. rk911 commented on The Dinette Set 5 months ago

    why did the pig cross the road? to get to the other sty, of course. ;o)

  4. rk911 commented on The Dinette Set 5 months ago

    the poppies that USED to be given out on Armistice Day symbolize the dead lost in Flander’s Field during the Great War. haven’t seen them in a long, long time. i’m sure someone was somehow offended by them…someone always seems to be offended by something these days.

    almost lost my great-uncle in the war. he was left for dead on the battlefield but later discovered to be alive by those collecting the dead. he lost a lung and a kidney but went on to be a successful farmer and he lived into his 80’s. i miss you, Uncle Frank.

  5. rk911 commented on The Dinette Set 6 months ago

    i’m not overweight, i’m just undertall!

  6. rk911 commented on The Dinette Set 6 months ago

    we’ve been to Yellowstone NP many times. I recall one visit back in the late 80’s. we were at the entrance station, paid the fee and received the usual handful of literature about the park. amongst the park maps and information about Old Faitnful, the lodge, etc. was a bright orange sheet of paper. at the top in big, bold lettering was…’YOU HAVE AN ASBOLUTE RIGHT TO DIE IN THIS NATIONAL PARK". the text below the headline went on to explain how one could do this by approaching or feeding wildlife, getting between a momma and her young, etc. Burl would be totally confused.

  7. rk911 commented on Stone Soup 6 months ago

    French fries ARE a vegetable! ;o)

  8. rk911 commented on Stone Soup 7 months ago

    my bride of nearly 44-years would rather see Alien Invaders XII than a romantic comedy. me too! she’s the best!!

  9. rk911 commented on The Dinette Set 7 months ago

    she’s on a see-food diet. she sees food and eats it!

  10. rk911 commented on Pickles 7 months ago

    wow! true story. I was on my first date with a girl back when we were 16 or so. I pick her up at the house and off we go to the movie theatre. suddenly, her hand flies up to her face and she nearly screams…“My eye popped out, my eye popped out!!”!!!

    I didn’t know what to do. here I am, 16, first date, in traffic and my date’s eye has just popped out. OMG! no cell phones in those days so i’m looking for a place with a pay phone to call for help. I pulled into a parking lot to help, not sure of what to expect. I was simultaneously concerned for her but also a bit fascinated to see what an empty eye socket might look like. hey…i’m a 16-yr old guy! seconds seemed like hours and just before i got out of the car to make the call I asked if she was OK. she said, “Yes”, and then explained hat she was referring to her contact lens. I breathed a HUGE sigh of relief.

    she found the lens, got “her eye” back in and we continued to the movie. that was nearly 46-years ago, she has been my wife for nearly 44 of those years and we still laugh about that to this day.