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  1. joemorgan commented on Doonesbury over 3 years ago

    This commenter has really drank the cool aid and asked for another glass. No cure ignorance and ignorance is bliss- hope the cool aid has enough sugar.

  2. joemorgan commented on Doonesbury over 3 years ago

    This strip series has shown the voter suppression in a truthful and realistic way. The Fox news watchers that are commenting have been misled by the fabricated news of Fox and its talking heads who pour forth the party talking points on a daily and hourly basis. Even the better informed GOP voters have recognized the sad decay of the party as it is led by members and elected who have a mindset which more easily fits with the 1875 than 2013. It takes centuries for prejudice to fade away, sometimes it never does.
    Voter suppression and redistricting were in full swing in 2012 and it did not work. We now recognize the GOP leaders will do ANYTHING to try and get elected. And yes, Bush stole Florida due to some ballot irregularities of printing which was secretly directed by Rove, the scummiest snake in the grass in the GOP.

  3. joemorgan commented on Doonesbury over 3 years ago

    I have enjoyed the voter suppression theme. Shakespeare said “much truth is told in jest.” We see here much truth told in comics. Everyone in legitimate journalism has already presented these facts on news and it is understood as the underhanded way, one of them, that GOP is using to win elections. GOP voters are really a fully deceived group of people, they can be convinced of any fairy tale no matter how unrealistic or low down it is, they buy it as an ethical action to win at any cost. Keep up the good work GT.

  4. joemorgan commented on Doonesbury over 3 years ago

    NPP, not everyone hates a black president. Especially when the GOP began a dedicated effort to diminish his presidency on inaugural night. The GOP has set anchor and tried to drag down everything possible-even sacrificing the good of the country in many instances-just to oppose POTUS. What the GOP has revealed about itself in the last few years is: It is clearly a racist organization, It is not in favor of women and children’s rights, It is against social welfare for those who need it most-even at a time when the needy are increasing in numbers exponentially, and It is against job creation because that might improve the economy. My own perception of any GOP is that they are despicable-even many of my friends who are GOP, I no longer socialize with them. When it comes to reasoning-they know they have a bad party but they are sticking with it even if it kills them.

  5. joemorgan commented on Doonesbury about 4 years ago

    I have read a lot of comments on this one. It seems some people hear different than what was said. One commenter talks about Obamas dumpster diving after law graduation. No-it was during law school like when there is no money left over after education bills.
    Commenters here are only a slight cut above the birther, bagger, hate blacks bloggers on the straight political articles.
    Bush W had 8 years and all the talking heads spewing hate and division. His presidency will show in history as the worst ever, and his division of the country the biggest ever, and his plundering of the treasury with two wars and a tax cut to go with them-such fiscal lunacy has not been seen in top leadership before that time.

  6. joemorgan commented on Doonesbury about 4 years ago

    For those who vote: When you go in and show any kind of ID, your name is checked off a list. It is called the voter rolls. Once the name is checked off-you have voted.
    Now if someone else comes in later and says they are you after you voted, it will be clearly evident that someone has used that name.
    How do you get beyond that point.
    Voter rolls are periodically updated anyway to correct for people moving from jurisdiction or state to another jurisdiction or state.
    Yes, those election commission folks do communicate with each other, and often.
    This voter fraud idea is so clearly party motivated that anyone knowing anything about the voting process will catch on to it.
    It is only the 90% of ignorant Americans-my estimate-who do not know anything about history, voting process, voting districts, GOP corrupt process in voting per Karl Rove[remember Florida-that was Rove], that are likely to think this voter fraud is a big deal.
    Once you have yelled “voter fraud” in a crowded polling place, everyone will be doubly careful, especially the election officials.
    Well, back to basics. Register, vote, complain about who won.

  7. joemorgan commented on Doonesbury about 4 years ago

    I am enjoying this series on voter fraud. It is a pervasive crime I guess. I mean, who do you know that would go to so much trouble as to watch the obit column, find a deceased person, then fake the identity of the deceased, and wait for the next election.
    It is so implausible and the crime definitely does not pay cash and takes a lot of time.
    Come to think of it, I guess that is why there is so little of it.

  8. joemorgan commented on Doonesbury about 4 years ago

    It is hard not to dislike someone who has full faith and conviction in total lies. Especially when the lies have shown over and over to be just that-real lies.
    Romney has just passed McCain as candidate who has told most lies in a presidential campaign.
    when W divided us between the haves and have nots-we have continued that dialog. We are near a new revolution and I expect it within the next 4 years no matter who wins.
    It will not be to free the slaves, it will be the ignorant and prejudiced against the knowledgeable and tolerant. Of course, racism is a big thing with GOP so that will still be in the mix.

  9. joemorgan commented on Doonesbury over 4 years ago

    Sound like sour grapes to me. All the GOP when confronted with facts are like vampires exposed to the sun.

  10. joemorgan commented on Doonesbury over 4 years ago

    The US government allows very generous write offs of new equipment, credits for hiring and other things, full deduction of R&D costs, and many other great incentives. In fact about 85% of all corporations pay no corporate tax. Reason is the tax is based on what is in your bank account Dec 31 of the year. Almost every corporation can move money around and keep it out of the account on Dec 31.
    The main reason jobs outsource is Greed of the American businessman. He wants more than he’s getting no matter how much he makes.
    If he has to do away with your job to make more profits then he will do it and not think twice about it.
    Now all those profits from overseas have to be brought back and taxed, but then they don’t want that either so leave it overseas and wait for an amnesty tax holiday – home free.
    The good old American way- screw whoever you need to make all the money you can.