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  1. Jeff0811 commented on Free Range about 7 hours ago

    Great opportunity for comic crossover. I imagine Frank, Earnest, Ziggy, A Plugger or two, and just to shake things up a bit, Frazz. The two ladies can be Sally Forth and either Janis or Blondie, haven’t made up my mind yet.

  2. Jeff0811 commented on Frank & Ernest about 7 hours ago

    We are when women let us think we are.

  3. Jeff0811 commented on Working Daze 2 days ago

    Thanks for the idea. I just googled “Busy signal test numbers” for my city and state, got a whole list of them. Some ring through to busy, some will automatically call me back to test my phone. They also have ones to test DTMF (If this is correct, press “1”).

  4. Jeff0811 commented on Daddy's Home 2 days ago

    Get the app and watch it online, Problem solved. Chances are it is on HULU or Netflix. They can just chill and watch Netflix.

  5. Jeff0811 commented on Basic Instructions 3 days ago

    I am firmly convinced there are some things one’s significant other just does not want to know. The secret to a long and happy marriage is the ability to keep secrets. (I say the above sardonically, I tell my wife everything . (mostly))

  6. Jeff0811 commented on Agnes 3 days ago

    Iron Man gets to watch when she tries to take Trout’s temperature. I can hear Trout’s response now…“Up yours!”

  7. Jeff0811 commented on Daddy's Home 4 days ago

    I work out at a gym that offers 2 levels of membership, a white card, and a more comprehensive black card level. I pay the extra amount each month so I can get the black card. GC should do similarly, allow PRO members to post links, pictures, whatever, and those not PRO to post comments under current restrictions.

  8. Jeff0811 commented on Daddy's Home 4 days ago

    Hmm, a single panel toon with a squirrel, where have I seen that before? I may be in need of a Reality Check, but I do like the new format, squirrel and all.

  9. Jeff0811 commented on Big Nate 6 days ago

    My first thought was, what are they, pre teen schoolgirls? Teddy needs to man up and do his own dirty work. He says he is not good at it, how will he ever get good at it if he doesn’t practice? If you’re going to wimp out, at least send her a text or leave a message on her phone, but do it yourself,

  10. Jeff0811 commented on Brevity 8 days ago

    I disagree, I think it would be a great name for a Podiatry school. At least I would get a kick out of it. I better go now before someone boots me, (A good name for a shoe store maybe? A soccer team?)