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  1. Jeff0811 commented on Reality Check about 7 hours ago

    I knew you and I thought alike. Or maybe thinking has nothing to do with it. : )

  2. Jeff0811 commented on Soup to Nutz about 16 hours ago

    Billions ? Over the course of one summer? Seriously? 1,000 years to replace? I find both of the above claims hard to believe.

  3. Jeff0811 commented on Reality Check about 16 hours ago

    On one of the classic stations they advertise the old ’70’s series Wonder Woman show, saying she was created in 1941 to promote Love and Peace. Every time I see it I think, I would Love a Piece of that.

  4. Jeff0811 commented on Loose Parts about 16 hours ago

    I’ve heard of a “comb-over”. First time I ever heard of a “comb-up” though.

  5. Jeff0811 commented on Frazz about 16 hours ago

    Not sure if my take on this is correct or not, but the wording kind of had me puzzled at first. I don’t think the can itself is stuck to the ceiling, just the coke. What she wants to know is what the heaviest thing is that will stick to the coke on the ceiling. (But I could be wrong)

  6. Jeff0811 commented on Brevity about 16 hours ago

    My family gave me one of the newer coffee makers for our anniversary. I found the extra price for packaging, and the extra packaging for single servings, difficult to swallow (if you pardon the expression). I recycled a couple of the plastic cups, and when I use it, I put a couple of scoops in a regular coffee filter, make a pouch out of it, and then load that into the coffee maker. Been doing that for almost 2 years now, works fine. My regular coffee maker is downstairs, the Keurig is upstairs in our bedroom. I use it for early in the morning when I don’t want to wake up the family.

  7. Jeff0811 commented on Big Nate about 17 hours ago

    I was teasing my daughter about something, and it took me a while to let it go. A few hours later I brought up the situation in her presence with her sister, and my daughter told me, Oh, Get OVER it!. I said, I got news for you, I’m still under it!. (I guess you had to be there, we all laughed though.)

  8. Jeff0811 commented on Agnes about 17 hours ago

    Maybe if your name was Perky dog ..

    Sorry, just being goofy.

  9. Jeff0811 commented on Brevity about 17 hours ago

    I agree, and would probably have made the same joke, given the chance. I was just trying to clarify Sunny Susan’s comment. It got me to looking up the difference between the two and thought I would share it. (I like your last comment as well).

  10. Jeff0811 commented on Frazz 1 day ago

    Usually I would say this is a comic strip without pier. Today though, can’t say that. Let’s just say this comic is one of a kind.
    From our point of view, I guess this would be considered a seascape, since there is no land that is visible to us.