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  1. Jeff0811 commented on The Duplex about 7 hours ago

    Made my day, thank you. I do feel bad about my first comment, but thanks to everyone for not griping about it. (Other than Perkycat, of course). Kidding.

  2. Jeff0811 commented on Wizard of Id about 19 hours ago

    ???I get it, just being goofy.

  3. Jeff0811 commented on Pickles about 19 hours ago

    One thing you can say for Earl, He is a sound sleeper.

  4. Jeff0811 commented on Frank & Ernest about 20 hours ago

    They can always buy one but at this point, it would cost an arm and a leg anyway.

  5. Jeff0811 commented on The Duplex about 20 hours ago

    Ok, not sure if reveling in the whole “first comment” thing was such a good idea. What I was going to say was that I never thought of Eno as having a mother. I always figured he grew up in an orphanage somewhere.


    I figured if I did go ‘the first comment’ route I would at least own it.

  6. Jeff0811 commented on The Duplex about 20 hours ago

    First, I would like to say, my parents are soooo proud. Ma, this is for you, you never doubted me. Dad, I hope this makes up for all the times I let you down. I have finally accomplished something, made something of my life. I am going out to celebrate this remarkable achievement. Oh, and thanks to all the little people out there.

  7. Jeff0811 commented on Big Nate about 20 hours ago

    Not sure which is more scary, the person in the sequined outfit, or the set of carefully honed blades he is carrying. For the record, Ice skating rocks. “Inline” roller skates will do, but it comes in a distant second. Clunky roller skates, I would rather walk.

  8. Jeff0811 commented on 9 to 5 about 20 hours ago

    I have nothing against nuclear energy, other than waste disposal. What would be nice to see is a nuclear reactor spewing lava like a volcano, and under it the caption, Absolute Power . I do like his power tie, it has a lot of energy, a lot of mass too, now that I think about it. All he needs is a pocket square with the words, “speed of light” printed on it.

  9. Jeff0811 commented on 9 to 5 2 days ago

    Thank you, It is nice to have a balanced view. I must admit I kind of like the “My computer got a virus” excuse, I never would have thought of that one.

  10. Jeff0811 commented on Real Life Adventures 2 days ago

    nicely done, clapclapclapclap.