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  1. Jeff0811 commented on Reality Check 1 day ago

    Don’t agree with the premise. Our dog was not feeling well recently, he felt better, we rented a steam cleaner, now both the dog, and the wife, are back to normal. (I guess I shouldn’t give the dog top billing like that. Oh well.)

  2. Jeff0811 commented on Real Life Adventures 1 day ago

    Soon she will be ready to Shout and Cheer him on, knowing he will be giving it his All.

  3. Jeff0811 commented on Pickles 1 day ago

    As Yakov Smirnov might say, Sometimes you take nap, sometimes nap takes you. It’s not that I like to take naps, sometimes I doze off, say while tyoppinggggggon the computttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt……er

  4. Jeff0811 commented on Herman 1 day ago

    And they serve mousse for desert.

  5. Jeff0811 commented on Off the Mark 4 days ago

    Yes, he can really draw a crowd.

  6. Jeff0811 commented on Close to Home 6 days ago

    And here I thought she just had a split personality.

  7. Jeff0811 commented on Agnes 6 days ago

    Makes me wonder what other song or movie titles could be used for Ground Hog day. One that comes to mind is "An a-ferret of the Heart. Or maybe this one, Shadow Dancing. It’s late, that’s all I got for now.

  8. Jeff0811 commented on Frazz 9 days ago

    Rather deep thoughts. I may have an answer. You don’t care for the day to day aspects of living, but overall you’ve had a pretty interesting life.

    How’s that for Pop Sych, 101?

  9. Jeff0811 commented on Brevity 9 days ago

    At least he’s not in bed. His mother told him, Never go to bed anchor-y. (Sometimes it’s tough being the last link in the chain.)

  10. Jeff0811 commented on Big Nate 9 days ago

    Taking on new challenges, all a part of growing up. I think Nate should go, stressed or not. He needs to step out of his comfort zone, regardless of the consequences.