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  1. car2ner commented on Peanuts about 8 hours ago

    don’t trash breeders. You cannot always find the dogs you want at the shelters. Instead lets help people chose dogs that fit their lifestyles so that they don’t end up in shelters. Lets help people understand the dogs mating cycles so that they don’t have Opps litters (there are benefits to waiting to spay and neuter). I’ve had shelter dogs and bought from breeders.

  2. car2ner commented on JumpStart about 9 hours ago

    it feels good already knowing how this works out. Not to worry.

  3. car2ner commented on Betty about 9 hours ago

    here’s an idea. Get two large white balls, the bigger the better. Paint a large black circle on each ball, like a cartoon pupil on an eye. Stick the two balls in a tree facing the neighbor’s house. Let the tree stare at them for awhile. https://goo.gl/rHbHEa

  4. car2ner commented on HUBRIS! 1 day ago

    wow, who is dragging who to a costume party? Or parade float?

  5. car2ner commented on Non Sequitur 2 days ago

    It isn’t just politics. People repost all kinds of stuff without checking other sources.

  6. car2ner commented on Fowl Language 2 days ago

    but we also had parents peeking out the window now and then to make sure everyone was OK. And we knew the kids next door…gee, I miss those days.

  7. car2ner commented on HUBRIS! 2 days ago

    he has more hubris than Hubris

  8. car2ner commented on Betty 2 days ago


    can y’all see this? homemade craziness here

  9. car2ner commented on The Barn 2 days ago

    um, not all animals get along either…but it’s still a cute strip. Each time I hear that old phrase, this will come to mind.

  10. car2ner commented on Agnes 2 days ago

    I’ve read that Lincoln actually had a great sense of humor as a young man and could tell a decent joke.