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  1. car2ner commented on Thatababy about 1 month ago

    never mind college. gotta fill the retirement fund. then again I like support an up and coming local business…Go Mully’s Brewery.

  2. car2ner commented on B.C. about 1 month ago

    you should see how my dog is decorating the living room right now. puppy! Put that down!

  3. car2ner commented on Pluggers about 1 month ago

    I took photos of mine, not for sentimental reasons but for artsy fartsy reasons. It took on the look of a grizzled old lawn warrior. It took quite a beating from us over the years.

  4. car2ner commented on Stone Soup about 1 month ago

    I know the feeling. I am still cutting grass and I have leaves on my yard. grrr

  5. car2ner commented on Betty 3 months ago

    yup, that is me and my sweetheart

  6. car2ner commented on The Grizzwells 3 months ago

    I’ll truly be impressed when our phones connect us to the Transporter. Beam me up please (yes, I also remember rotatory dials and phone numbers that started with letters and not numbers)

  7. car2ner commented on Agnes 4 months ago

    March your hearts out girls…and mind you don’t trip over the pieces of the tuba that are bound to fall off.

  8. car2ner commented on Pearls Before Swine 4 months ago

    He wants a porsche but can probably only afford a used mustang…. Hopefully at least a convertible.

  9. car2ner commented on Wizard of Id 4 months ago

    So if he is in the Working blood line, what would he look like if he had a Show blood line?

  10. car2ner commented on B.C. 4 months ago

    yes, and next we can expect the “pot hole”