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  1. car2ner commented on Pluggers about 11 hours ago

    I’m for the family bathroom. For mom’s who have to bring their sons to the bathroom, for instance. Not too long ago I saw a poor youngster who seemed slightly embarrassed to still have to go to the ladies room with his mom. Alas, there was no “family bathroom” to use instead.

  2. car2ner commented on Non Sequitur about 11 hours ago

    so who if for running around the side of this monster and tweaking it’s ear?

  3. car2ner commented on Frazz about 11 hours ago

    but puppies, homework…somehow they go together

  4. car2ner commented on Calvin and Hobbes about 11 hours ago

    so it’s not just me

  5. car2ner commented on The Buckets about 11 hours ago

    them: you must accept everything I want to dome: do you accept everything I do?

  6. car2ner commented on Ben about 11 hours ago

    I find that the kids are less fearful than the adults.

  7. car2ner commented on Overboard 1 day ago

    Jack o"lantern pumpkins are not the best for pie making. The small sugar pumpkins are what you want or a Fairytale pumpkin…but this jest is cute.

  8. car2ner commented on Farcus 1 day ago

    I’m not sure this is what they mean by “working-line” dogs

  9. car2ner commented on The Buckets 1 day ago

    this is one reason I seldom draw on paper anymore. No CTRL Z on a piece of paper

  10. car2ner commented on Betty 1 day ago

    easy to waste stuff when you don’t feel the loss of weight of the wallet while you do it.