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  1. Pequod GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy about 2 hours ago

    As with the few stories I have posted over the past couple years, this 5th anniversary tribute was deleted by gocomics as part of the new length limit policy. As with the stories, I have re-posted this tribute to Team Tracy in multiple parts. The appreciation by fellow-Tracy fans will now make sense to those late to the fun.

  2. Pequod GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy about 2 hours ago

    Were Christine here she would not fear. She was a stand up gal

    Sans his Kitty things sure aren’t pretty, a rose Bigg’s only pal.

    Hard to lose the gold this way, easy come means easy go

    Not like he’s now a pauper, globally exists stashed dough.

    Climb into a rare Air Car, make haste from the Ace Tower

    What Police put in mothballs, gives Bigg Houdini power.

    Cool night air, a breeze so fair, Bigg cannot help but sigh

    Death and danger in his wake, he sings “Live and Let Die.”


    Tracy has connected dots from bank vault that was looted

    To the bearer of the specs who pilfered stash and scooted.

    Elsewhere Spicy Condiment in the glow of her iPad

    Gets orders from a higher up in a voice just shy of mad.

    Specs to stay off of the streets, not become a spectacle

    Spicy wants more golden eggs, thus this is not practical.

    Specs just wants what Spicy wants, ‘tis a well-worn, age-old story

    Yet to defy the Ace of Spades, invites a fate most gory.


    Notorious Notta so naughty, she peruses bold headline

    Seems Tracy has left Tracyville, which suits Notta just fine.

    In her skintight little suit, much flesh does it expose

    Hot-blooded folk appraise her gifts, salute as interest grows.

    Her body suit clings to her form just like a second skin

    Hair piled high, sweet exposed thighs, Notta dressed for sin.

    On the horn to Bribery, she sets her plan in motion

    Revenge so long kept simmering, yet Notta has a notion.


    Sam and Tracy on the case, fighting crime provides rewards

    Team Tracy honored by their peers with three Harvey Awards.

    My hat’s off to Team Tracy, for all these things and more

    We loyal fans now clap our hands, voice approval with a roar.


  3. Pequod GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy about 2 hours ago

    Gravel Gertie and B.O. increase the Plenty brood

    Untamable this offspring: demonic Attitude.

    To read J. Straightedge Trustworthy I would sail the seven seas

    My favorite tells of one bad pooch: infamous 88 Fleas.

    Look to see Flintheart in love, whistling a happy tune

    Feet just barely touch the ground, for Kandi he doth swoon.


    Elsewhere, at the Willoughby, Stiletta she was mourned

    Lifeless in a wooden box, can’t say she wasn’t warned.

    Blowtop told her that her plan was simply suicide

    Blackjack sent fresh flowers. Woo Gosh! How Blowtop cried.

    The Nitrates under lock and key, to prison they were bound

    Criminals face daunting odds when Tracy comes around.


    Sam and Tracy in the sky, keen eyes spot a whirlpool

    Jimmy purloins Teddy’s boat. Fat man such a fool.

    Announced that he was out of here. Revved the outboard motor

    Churning waters drew him in. Shooz not much of a boater.

    Teddy cried for rescue, thus a ladder was dropped down

    Tracy did his duty, saved the preening talk show clown.

    Lake Pratchett quickly drained dry, the geyser touched the sky

    Jimmy flushed like so much waste, the fat man he did cry.


    Trouble at Ace Tower. Brave girls in the stairwell

    Mysta set in motion when Honey rings the bell.

    Those who would harm Honeymoon soon shall rue the day

    Mysta melts the chopper blades. Nixes getaway.

    Disarms the pilot with panache. High-heel boots hug her thighs

    Zaps the lock until it melts: focused, fearless, true and wise.

    Now exiting the rooftop, Mysta never hesitates

    To save her dear Imoto-Chan she’ll face all that awaits.


  4. Pequod GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy about 2 hours ago

    Five years ago this very day, Dick Tracy resurrected

    Rejuvenated and renewed, vast differences detected.

    Thrill to see comic history, a classic back in style

    Lost track of Tracy years ago, Woo Gosh! It’d been a while.

    Now in the land of Tracyville, stories captivating

    Flaky Biscuits made some dough; Mr. Crime oscillating.

    Shared his deep dark secret with Hot Rize’s sister, Blaze

    Team Tracy so impressive, sets high the bar they raise.


    Kadaver such a ghoulish fiend, his side-kick the cute Rikki

    Blackjack such a Tracy fan, thus to harm him proves most tricky.

    Phishface such a sushi fan, well known to feed his face

    Sweatbox plain despicable, earned death for his disgrace.

    The Jumbler had a little dog: Crypto, the loyal Scottie

    Venus, Queen of Blackhearts, a voluptuous, gorgeous hottie.

    Thunderchild, a wrestler wild, yet no match for the Mole

    Little Princess, lost and found, Daddy Warbucks’ life now whole.


    Gruesome, he took to the stage, big debut brought down the house

    Apollo back from Europe, coiffed and tanned, was still a louse.

    Méliès deadly and debonair. Cross him, tremble and cower

    Angus such a violent foe, ‘til shot dead from the tower.

    The Nitrates love the movies, they made films to scam old fools

    Stiletta lived for her revenge, guided by misguided rules.


    Ghote and Sail did not prevail nor know what they had wrought

    Experiments with DNA, the consequences fraught.

    Few would have seen it coming: inexorable genetic drift

    Mysta’s rebirth ongoing, a supremely miraculous gift.

    Honeymoon, her closest friend, dreams of fighting crime

    Lizz deduces and kicks tail, her beauty so sublime.


  5. Pequod GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy about 7 hours ago

    The news of Bellowthon’s death would break rather quickly. Once the crime scene was properly secured and documented (we saw Sam taking photographs), the Coroner’s office became involved. News hit the “wires” as Tracy spoke with Mysta. Selfy sees little but himself on his device, but could well have read the news today (oh boy). And, as others have noted, he knows she is dead because he killed her.

  6. Pequod GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy 1 day ago

    Sam has an open door policy. He is all warmed up, but receives a cool reception. Selfy’s road trip is interrupted. One more self-indulgent self-portrait, even as his face looks out from every corner of the room. “Self Image,” indeed. So self-satisfied, smug and sneering. So insufferable. Good to see his selfie stick is not in hand.


    Thanks to Vista Bill, Gweedo, 22ph, Neil Wick, Jonathan K., Night-Gaunt49, blunebottle, Willy007, JPuzzleWhiz, Chris Sherlock, abdullahbaba999 and Ray Toler for the kind words. Much appreciated.

  7. Pequod GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy 1 day ago

    Selfy has a bag of cash

    Look to see ill-gotten stash

    Now he aims to pack and dash

    His vanity his curse.

    Sam and Tracy at the door

    Question the abhorrent boor

    Selfy’s cool exists no more

    Things go from bad to worse.

    Bellowthon, she was found dead

    Overheard, harsh words she said

    Now Detectives seeing red

    Narcissism so perverse.

  8. Pequod GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy 2 days ago

    Bravo! Exactly so.

  9. Pequod GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy 2 days ago

    These past few days in Mysta’s chilling room have simply been delightful. Mr. Staton’s art revels loving care for a character who is an essential part of Tracyville. Her body language, hand gestures and facial expressions make for an enchanting series of strips. We are reminded of her deep commitment to Honeymoon’s welfare, which last year brought her to Ace Tower to brave mortal danger as she answered the cry for help of her Imoto-Chan. That we find her embracing frigid temperatures hearkens back to the season of Mysta’s debut in 1964.


    The changes wrought by Moon Maid’s DNA continue, a development I find especially exciting, if not unexpected. Haters shall hate: it is who they are. Bellowthon was a vile creature, full of judgment and spite. It is no crime to be relieved that the threat to Honeymoon appears to have died with Bellowthon. Mysta glances at Tracy over her shoulder, luscious locks swept aside to reveal her bare back. Her concern for Honeymoon’s safety is paramount, and she trusts Tracy’s judgement on the matter. I couldn’t be more pleased with this week’s strips. What a great time to be a Tracy fan!


    Thanks to Willy007, Vista Bill, Night-Gaunt49, Gweedo, Neil Wick, Chris Sherlock and JPuzzleWhiz for the kind words. Very much appreciated!

  10. Pequod GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy 3 days ago

    Mysta Chimera is not the same: body changing still

    She met with the foul Bellowthon, next needed time to chill.

    In her room the flakes do swirl, as in a winter blizzard

    A brave and selfless heroine. Lunarian, not a wizard.

    Mysta Tracy’s DNA it courses through her veins

    The Chimera she’s a-changin’, unfettered from her chains.

    Onee-San is mindful of her dear Imoto-Chan

    She must protect her dearest friend from the hateful plan.

    Sam and Tracy at her door, understandably have questions

    Bellowthon discovered dead. Homicide demands detections.

    Mysta she is good and true, her responses right and straight

    Sought but to shelter her dear friend, sans violence or hate.

    Mysta, she is so marvelous, protective of her friend

    Neither murderous nor malicious, she’s steadfast to the end.