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  1. Pequod GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy about 10 hours ago

    I enjoyed seeing Pat Patton back in the thick of things. While Sam Catchem is a superior sidekick, I always thought it was a shame that over time Patton became a generic afterthought. He was a great character in the early days of the strip. Kudos to Team Tracy for shining the spotlight on Pat. He took a risk, wishing to save his rotten nephew from prison violence, only to face off with the Vampire Car. Rikki thought he’d be a pushover, and Squared certainly surprised her, but Patton held his own in the wake of the brutal blast. On go the cuffs and Rikki exits to contemplate her deeds in jail.

    Preach it, boboscar! You are right as rain. Thanks for the good work. Selfy is a narcissist. Where have I seen one of those recently? Thanks to Vista Bill, Ray Toler, Gweedo, Night-Gaunt49, Willy007, Chris Sherlock and JPuzzlerWhiz for the kind words. Much appreciated.

  2. Pequod GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy about 19 hours ago

    Rikki vs. Pat!
    Mortis and Patton engaged.
    Rikki has her blood up
    So violently enraged.

    “Tis not to be,” says Bribery. “No yield in such bloodshed”
    Matty sets off “TNT.” Rikki Mortis nearly dead.
    Leaping from the Vampire Car in just the nick of time
    Only to be cuffed by Pat. No profit in her crime.

    Farewell, Rikki Mortis. Your beauty just skin deep
    Thought that you were living large. Kadaver just a creep.
    Here’s to the conquering hero. First bust since making Chief.
    Rikki Mortis secured in jail to everyone’s relief.

    Elsewhere, look to see a man who’s looking at himself
    Mirrored glass is everywhere: each wall and every shelf.
    Narcissistic to the core, one more selfie he does shoot
    In cahoots with Bellowthon to grab up ill got loot.

  3. Pequod GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy 1 day ago

    “Bribery can’t die.”

    Agreed. While most violent criminals in the strip die or go to jail, Bribery is a classic character. He makes things more interesting. Flattop’s death by drowning (pants caught on a nail!) was an unfortunate and anti-climatic end to one of Gould’s best villains. Happily, Bribery lives. Good to see Ugly Christine. She died in spectacular fashion.

  4. Pequod GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy 2 days ago

    Huzzah! Raise a toast to Patton. The strip rarely, if ever, shows plea negotiations, so we’re not likely to be privy to the questioning of Rikki. She does not strike me as a blabber mouth, and this wasn’t a hit for pay. In any event, she doesn’t know Bribery’s location. I’d wager that if we ever see Rikki again she will be in jail pining for dear (departed?) Abner.

  5. Pequod GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy 3 days ago

    I suspect Kadaver is a cadaver. With no body, however, he is an ace up the sleeve. A couple of years from now we could delight in seeing Abner break Rikki out of jail. They would need a faster get away vehicle than the Death Coach.

  6. Pequod GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy 4 days ago

    Tough times ahead for Rikki. Great to see Patton in the thick of things. More of the good stuff from Team Tracy.

  7. Pequod GoComics Pro Member commented on Bad Machinery 4 days ago

    Putty Tat?

  8. Pequod GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy 5 days ago

    Look at that
    A flaming hat.
    Vampire tires
    Have all gone flat.
    Rikki sprang away in time
    Now comes payment for her crime.

  9. Pequod GoComics Pro Member commented on Bad Machinery 5 days ago

    Unicorns on Mildred’s mind
    She fails to do her chores.
    Pop motivates the little lass
    Big father she adores.
    Her body wouldn’t listen
    Issue psychological.
    Time to sort recyclables
    Issue ecological.
    Mildred does her chores at last
    Beneath a rising moon.
    Somewhere lurks a watchful beast
    Should show up some time soon.

  10. Pequod GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy 7 days ago

    Patton had no reason whatsoever to think Rikki had him in her sights as a “warm up” kill for Tracy. While it is always a good idea to have Tracy in your corner, Pat is painfully aware that his friend is still recovering from an attempt on his life that sent him over the treacherous falls with stab wounds. Let sleeping detectives rest and dream…of Fearless Fosdick. As soon as Rikki appeared in the Vampire Car Pat’s gun was drawn. There’s no action, suspense or fun if all is safe and tidy. Pat was suspicious. He was willing to take a risk to keep his rotten nephew safe. He was not willing to involve a fellow officer in his park rendezvous. Remember when Gould had Tracy jump out of an airplane to see if he could land on the circus tent, thus proving Haf-and-Haf could have survived? More suicidal than smart, but what a great sequence. Good to see Pat Patton off the sidelines and in the thick of it.

    Thanks to Vista Bill, Gweedo, Ray Toler, Chris Sherlock, JPuzzlerWhiz, ave09 and Night-Gaunt49 for the kudos. Much appreciated.