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  1. Pequod GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy about 2 hours ago

    Pop-Pop gets right to the bottom line: “…they love you. We all do.” So true. What a great character. Honeymoon is very expressive. What a great face. More of the good stuff from Joe Staton.

  2. Pequod GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy about 13 hours ago

    A great strip is again followed by numerous thoughtful posts. I’d single out yumpinyiminey’s very smart post on the importance of comic characters’ iconic appearance (spring-boarding off of Jim in CT’s post), with added applause for Willy’s excellent panels in response to 60s Fan’s query regarding the use of “Tracy,” as opposed to “Mr. Tracy.” I enthusiastically agree with yumpinyiminey’s wise notions on the links between character and “costume.” The stunning panels shared by Willy007 cite uses of “Mr. Tracy,” while reminding us of Gould’s use of place. We shift between inside and outside the house as Mysta speaks with (Mr.) Tracy. The final panel speaks to Gould’s sometimes bold nod toward pop art. Sam’s head appears to grow out of Tracy’s shoulder, even as a patrolman rises in profile from Sam’s hat. Mysta and Junior are ready for the Roy Lichtenstein treatment.

  3. Pequod GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy 1 day ago

    While it will undoubtedly be a while before Mysta gets her next story (curse the wait), the changes for her and Honeymoon can’t be denied. They are positioned for a very exciting continuation of the “Mysta Reborn” saga. Bribery’s insults raised the issue of her (re)creation and identity, which will be in play whenever the Lunarians make an appearance. This meeting will have a profound impact on Mysta, but Honeymoon will also play a part. Establishing a relationship with her Lunarian grandparents would be an interesting development. Today’s strip is a very satisfying glimpse of Onee-San and Imoto-Chan in the aftermath of the thrilling Ace Tower action. Annie is undoubtedly being spirited back to Daddy Warbucks by her own protector, Punjab. It’s no longer late-September, and she really should be back in school. Mysta and Honeymoon’s friendship is a vital pillar of this exceptional strip. Sam and Tracy have again waded into danger, shown that crime doesn’t pay, and made Tracyville a safer place.

    Thanks to Willy007, Gweedo, Day-Day2001, fhofmann, Chief Patton, Jim in CT, Vista Bill Raley and Kantuck Nadie Nata-Akon for the kind words. Very much appreciated!

  4. Pequod GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy 1 day ago

    Onee-San sits before me, the pain now ebbed away
    She risked it all to rescue me upon this fateful day.
    Within the inner sanctum of Bigg’s felonious lair
    Reflected back was her own Zap, distressing one most fair.
    Her beauty real and quite profound, much deeper than aesthetics
    Antennae now organic, replacing forced prosthetics.
    Bribery’s slander disturbing. Onee-San rejects self-pity
    Heard my call and raced to face crafty criminals in the city.
    Up on the roof, not bullet proof, she rushed into grave danger
    Every day we’re more alike: Big Sister, not a stranger.
    The Chimera is my hero, my teacher, my best friend
    She’s here for me, I’m here for her until the very end.

  5. Pequod GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy 2 days ago

    Ask him no questions, he’ll tell you no lies
    With a crack of the whip foes are cut down to size.
    Not an informant who sings for a prize
    Not a rat nor a stoolie who spills beans and dies.
    What is it you’re asking? A lighter one buys?
    I can’t tell a lie: never heard of Blaze Rize.

  6. Pequod GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy 3 days ago

    Mysta secured the roof-top. Lee went back for Diet and the girls. It was Lee’s call to go to the aid of citizens in danger rather than arrest Bribery. Diet is not to blame for being kidnapped. Mysta came to the aid of Honeymoon as soon as she received a telepathic cry for help. While the presence of Honeymoon, Annie and Smith changed Lee’s priorities, it was not Mysta who stopped her from arresting Bribery. Lee had already made her decision to go back when she ran into Mysta.

  7. Pequod GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy 4 days ago

    What a great post! Thanks for sharing. Moon Maid was a big part of why I got utterly hooked on Tracy as a young boy. The mix of gritty crime drama and audacious fantastical elements made for wonderful stories that really triggered my imagination. Mysta has returned as a tragic figure. She has suffered immensely, yet expresses no self-pity. Her main concern is for Honeymoon’s welfare. The fact that they are both experiencing transformations only adds to their compelling nature. It is a great time to be a fan of this award-winning strip.

  8. Pequod GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy 5 days ago

    The stolen gold has been recovered. BB-Eyes knew Shooz was up to something, going so far as to ask if he might need the help of any of the Blackheart “specialists.” We don’t know if Shooz availed himself of any “specialists,” but we know the gold Jimmy stole was soon stolen from him by the Blackhearts. Shooz assumed it was buried by the lake (near the place where the abandoned railroad line that Mole showed Tracy exited), yet it had been removed. Bribery was pleased with the efforts of BB, Blaze and Doubleup (6/17), although BB-Eyes’ contributions remain vague and off-panel.

    Is Purdy feigning his poor health? Did he rise from his wheelchair to lead a recovery team to secure and transport the gold? Was it Axelrod? Late night digging by a secluded lake and transport to Ace Tower don’t strike me as especially mysterious activities, simply clandestine. Will BB-Eyes use what he knows to shorten his sentence? While I think we will eventually learn some of the details, the gold and the Blackhearts organization are now in the past-tense. Is Mumbles in limbo? We didn’t see Punjab’s blanket bandied about. Whether subdued or sent on a journey to “the Magi,” he is currently out of commission.

    Speculation is fun. This story has been a gas. The extended action in Ace Tower was very entertaining. I speculate that Team Tracy secured their next Harvey Award nomination when Mysta landed on the roof and melted the chopper blades. Sweet!

  9. Pequod GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy 6 days ago

    Junior is right to feel concerned for Honeymoon: she is so like him. He had Tracy to pull him out of numerous scrapes with hooligans. Now, in addition to Junior, Mysta and Tracy have Honey’s back. She was in a tight spot in BB-Eyes’ van, and her adventure at Ace Tower could have easily gone wrong. With her inquisitive mind, big heart and moxie, she is bound to run into more difficult situations. I agree with Willy007 that attention to characters beyond the realm of crime and capture is essential. Team Tracy knows. I eagerly await the next adventure that brings Mysta and Honeymoon together.

    Thanks to cpalmeresq, Gweedo, Night-Gaunt49, Willy007, T.R. Gunn, Neil Wick, Morrow, Ray Toler (Looking forward to returning the Raven Theatre to experience more of your award-winning scenic design.), Jonathan K. and Chris Sherlock for the kind words. Very much appreciated!

  10. Pequod GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy 6 days ago

    Bad Bribery takes to the air, escapes catastrophe
    Abandons bodyguard T-Bolt: disguised Lee Ebony.
    Lee a cool customer, she does not scare or rattle
    Earned the trust of Bribery, could not stop his skedaddle.
    Down below, stabilized to go, Fritz Ann out of danger
    Happy she could help a friend, to peril she’s no stranger.
    Sam and she shall never be, yet true friends share warm feelings
    Good to have a pal to trust when crooks ply dirty dealings.
    On the street, Junior is beat, baby Trey disrupts all sleep
    Had Honeymoon met a bad end, forever would he weep.
    Tracy says, “She’s so like you, a courageous young detective
    Between us and Chimera she has loved ones so protective.”
    Junior counts his blessings, keeps to himself his dreams
    Dear departed Mysta says not all is as it seems.
    Imoto-Chan ascending. Lunarian blood assertion
    More like her parents every day. True bonds know no desertion.