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  1. Pequod77 GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy about 1 hour ago

    “Take this for what it’s worth, but when it comes to Mysta, do you know who some of you remind me of? TJ and Beverly. Blinded by prejudice. Lashing out in hate. Using insults and slurs to demean others. Showing no sympathy for those who are different. Bullies. I hope for your sakes you aren’t like this in real life.”


  2. Pequod77 GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy about 14 hours ago

    Junior must be very pleased to have Mysta watching out for Honeymoon. He was utterly clueless as to the changes and worries that had his daughter so troubled. Mysta knew. “It’s what we spoke about, isn’t it, Imoto-Chan?” Mysta has become Honeymoon’s close friend. With assurances that all will be well, she comforted Honeymoon when she was hurting. In the aftermath of the bullying incident at the mall, Mysta takes Honeymoon to Diet Smith for consultation. There is no one better to look out for Honeymoon than the woman who is more like Moon Maid with each passing day. The third panel is especially telling, as Mysta watches over her young friend.

  3. Pequod77 GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy 1 day ago

    Thanks to Sgt. Doherty for the interesting facts in the Crimestoppers textbook. The colors are spectacular yet again. I’m ready for beach volleyball with a cold drink in a coconut to follow. It is hilarious the way Mumbles tosses his drink over his shoulder in response to identifying Johnny. The gym bag at his side strikes me as ominous.

  4. Pequod77 GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy 1 day ago

    Johnny seems rather vigorous for someone just released from the hospital. Nary a bruise nor a bandage to be seen. Why no sign of injury? T-Bolt’s attack was pretty vicious. Or was it? This is sloppy work if Johnny is tailing Mumbles. Odd coincidence to vacation at same beach as Mumbles. What if T-Bolt is working undercover? If so, she did not really injure JA and the “hospital stay” was a ruse to protect T-Bolt’s identity. Administering a fake beating would cement her cover. Explains why no concern from Tess was ever shown to readers. Still, the faked-injury theory (styrofoam 2×4?) is pretty flimsy. Helping T-Bolt cement her cover (and we don’t really have any indication she is working undercover) does not explain Adonis showing up at the same resort as Mumbles.

    I agree with Willy. I think this Adonis may be an imposter. The real JA is either still in the hospital or just released to finish recovering at home. Ms. Steffinhawk would have no reason to lie to Honeymoon about visiting Johnny. If this is an imposter, for whom does he work? The Apparatus? Who ponied up the cost of the make-over? Is he there to rob Mumbles? A twin brother seems more far-fetched than an imposter. Very interesting.

    Seeing Mumbles near water reminds me of a 1955 story. Mumbles tries to escape in the fog, uncertain as to the location of the shore.

    Thanks to cpalmeresq, Willy007, Gweedo, Starman1948, Sydney Phillips, Chris Sherlock and JPuzzleWhiz for the kind words. Much appreciated!

  5. Pequod77 GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy 2 days ago

    Johnny down in Florida. How can this be so?
    Last seen in the alley absorbing mighty blows.
    He convalesced in hospital. Recovery takes some time
    Steffinhawk attests Johnny not fit for fighting crime.
    Yet here he stands, cold drink in hand, flirting with a gal
    Dressed for fun in the hot sun, seducing his new pal.
    Mumbles sips a cold libation, he’s earned some R and R
    Shocked to see a tanned Johnny holding court at Tiki bar.
    Mumbles starts to simmer. Johnny slathers on more lotion
    Shoulders broad and muscles toned, he’s blocking out the ocean.
    Mumbles calls up Blackhearts, still relishing sea-side breeze
    Secretary has no ear, can’t translate Mumble-eze.
    Says to say it in a tweet, an e-mail or a text
    Mumbles mumbles to himself, “wht shud dye do nxt?”

  6. Pequod77 GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy 4 days ago

    The Cardinal was playing at the mall (“Justice from above”). Honeymoon and Annie were planning on seeing it, but I’m guessing the bullies, zap, sparks and fire put that on hold. Honeymoon was going to talk to Junior and her step-mom, Sparkle, when we cut away. I think the bullying story was short and effective. We may see more of Bev and TJ down the road, but they seem to have learned a valuable lesson. The real take-away is the swift manner in which Honeymoon’s horns and power were introduced. Quite intriguing.

  7. Pequod77 GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy 5 days ago

    Ted will try and use his five minutes in the spotlight to put a shine on his undistinguished role in the fall of Jimmy Choo Shooz. His sweatshirt boasts stars and stripes, and Wendy says he is a patriot, so it must be so. If he spews enough nonsense he is bound to get a job offer.

  8. Pequod77 GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy 6 days ago

    Sam is happily married. Fritz Ann likes to tease him a bit, so Lizz likes teasing him about the teasing. It is an innocent and occasional source of humor. Gould would sometimes use office time for a bit of levity to lighten things up between episodes of grim criminal activity.

  9. Pequod77 GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy 8 days ago

    This trip to the mall makes for a swift, effective lesson on bullying. The long term implications are especially tantalizing. With economy and purpose we’ve seen Honeymoon reveal her antennae and then (innocently) give a dolt a jolt. Her character has even richer potential as her relationship with Mysta deepens and her Lunarian traits begin to assert themselves. This is a very satisfying development. Honey’s age and pronounced ties to the fantastic bode well for rich storytelling possibilities. Honey Becomes Electric is more than an effective lesson on bullying. Recent events reveal exciting changes for Honeymoon, while underscoring her Lunarian heritage. What a great character. Good question, Day-Day2001.

    Thanks to Vista Bill, Gweedo, Night-Gaunt49, Willy007, Starman1948, Ray Toler (great link), Sydney Phillips, Jonathan K. and abdullahbaba999 for the kind words. Very much appreciated!

  10. Pequod77 GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy 9 days ago

    Saw that she was different, resorted to rude names
    Derision and belittlement, the classic bully games.
    Unsettled by what they were not, what they could never be
    Covetousness rears its head. Antennae all they see.
    Beverly unwittingly lays hands on changeling Honey
    Sets off a Zap that sets her back. Abuse is never funny.
    Lights go out for Honeymoon. Her first taste of Moon power
    Years from now she’ll reflect how transformation marked this hour.
    Firemen come rushing in. The mall safe for consumers
    Crowd murmurs of antennae, Lunarians and dark rumors.
    Collin steps up to lend a hand, knows about this kind of mess
    Been the target once or thrice, the jaundiced eye might guess.
    Security arrives with facts: hidden camera captured all
    Dazed Beverly and TJ wish they’d steered clear of the mall.