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  1. Walt Beringson commented on Today's Trump 23 days ago

    I really like your strip, Sir Charles. I hope you don’t stop. Though I don’t agree with your politics, or your view of Trump, you do a very good job satirizing him. They make me laugh. Your drawings are simple, but you pack a bunch into a single panel. And your likenesses and colors are great. And I believe if you do this strip for another four years, you’ll turn conservative! :) Tough decision for you. Have a great Thanksgiving!! (PS- if you go away, how will I get to trigger St.Cleve into a 1,000 word rant from his Mom’s basement!)

  2. Walt Beringson commented on Today's Trump 24 days ago

    C’mon Sir Charles, you’re not quitting now are you? Perhaps you were expecting a different outcome? Come on in from the ledge and go buy some more markers. You’ve got at least 4 more years of ’Today’s Trump’ to create! (I really do like your strip)

  3. Walt Beringson commented on Today's Trump about 1 month ago

    Get the handcuffs ready. I suspect Assange will be delivering the 33,000 deleted emails to the American people this week.

  4. Walt Beringson commented on Ron Warren about 1 month ago

    Wow! Awesome!!

  5. Walt Beringson commented on Bob's Your Uncle about 1 month ago

    Looking forward to it, David. Have fun with it!

  6. Walt Beringson commented on Today's Trump about 1 month ago

    OK, St Cleve, I’ll bite. I actually do live in Arizona. Tucson to be specific. About 60 miles from the Mexican border. I’ve lived here since ‘84. The illegals crossing the border is an unbelievable problem. Gang violence, rape and murders. Home invasions. Drugs flowing across the border. Schools filled with children that can’t/won’t speak English. Our jails filled with illegals because the Feds won’t deport. All paid for by Arizonans. My wife of 28 years is 100% Latina. Her parents came here LEGALLY. Time consuming and expensive. She is a Trump supporter. All of her siblings are Trump supporters. My 25 year old 50% Latina daughter is voting Trump. They agree with Trump. If you are here illegally, by definition you are not law-abiding. I guess you’d call them some sort of Uncle Tom for that, St Cleve? Get off your high horse. Since you love quotes so much, here’s a few from Miss Hillary:-‘Put your pants on and get home, Bill.’-‘Put the server above my toilet.’-’I’ll give you 20% of our Uranium, Vlad. Not an ounce more’-‘Thank you for the $15 million, Shiek!’-‘Tell Ambassador Stevens I’m on the other line.’-‘What difference at this point does it make?’-‘Ummmm…it was a video that caused the attack.’-‘I have a public opinion and a private opinion.’-‘Thanks for the $250k, Goldman Sachs. I’ll give you a heck of a speech’-‘I dream of a globe of open borders.’I could go on St Cleve, but my dog is giving me dirty looks. He wants a walk.

  7. Walt Beringson commented on Today's Trump about 1 month ago

    C’mon Skipa, I’m disappointed in you. You’re not sticking to Hillary’s script.

    We Trump supporters are Racist, Homophobic, Xenophobic, Women-hating Deplorable Morons.

    Now suck it up and bring a better game tomorrow.

  8. Walt Beringson commented on Today's Trump about 1 month ago

    Even though I am a Trump supporter, I enjoy your strip, Sir Charles. I love your artwork, and they usually make me laugh. I look forward to reading them the next 4 – 8 years! :)

  9. Walt Beringson commented on Today's Trump about 1 month ago

    Unfortunately the system of govt our fathers brought forth no longer exists. It is being manipulated to line the pockets of the politicians(left & right) at the expense of the American people. Drain the swamp, Trumpy.

  10. Walt Beringson commented on Today's Trump 3 months ago

    Trump will use HIS…hahahaha!…position as a government employee…hahahahahaha! for personal gain?!?! …hahahahaha!! You DO know about Hilla…hahahahahah!! Hillary’s record at the…hahahahahah!!!! State Dept, right? Hahahahahahah!!!!! good one!