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  1. Hika commented on Garfield over 5 years ago

    Was it Mice Hammer or Dick Ratcy?

  2. Hika commented on Fred Basset over 5 years ago

    @Edcole: By “prawn salad” you mean “the salmon mousse!”

  3. Hika commented on Non Sequitur over 5 years ago

    @pouncingtiger - so true, so missed. @wmbrainiac - I completely agree with you, except the “amen” part.

  4. Hika commented on Overboard over 5 years ago

    Allan, be glad they’re mice. Ye olde ships always had rats along for the ride. I prefer the mice to rats anytime. Only way to get rid of the mice is to have that horrid purple cat around all the time. That’s an OB character that I cannot abide.

  5. Hika commented on Doonesbury over 5 years ago

    Not helping, Z. Not helping.

  6. Hika commented on Overboard over 5 years ago

    @AllanV - Ships’ crews have always been complaining that the rodents didn’t deserve to stay on board, but to get rid of them involves having felines successfully hunt them down, and no-one wants to see that happen!