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  1. Ogie D commented on Working Daze about 1 month ago

    George Carlin or Frank Zappa would have been my 1st choices, but a living entity would be someone with charisma, intelligence, a strong sense of human dignity and above all, honesty!

    Jane Goodall, look what she can do with animals, if she can understand them imagine what she could do with humans!!

  2. Ogie D commented on JumpStart 3 months ago

    I know there’s an answer: Don’t Talk, I’m waiting for the day we can hear Beach Boys all day, everyday!

    Caroline No!

  3. Ogie D commented on Aunty Acid 3 months ago

    PMS – Putting up with Men’s Stuff (clean version)

  4. Ogie D commented on The Born Loser 5 months ago

    …and the hits just keep on comin’

  5. Ogie D commented on Home and Away 8 months ago

    Perhaps a lot longer then that!

  6. Ogie D commented on Adam@Home 9 months ago

    He and Bill Murray (Stripes)

  7. Ogie D commented on Looks Good on Paper 11 months ago

    Planet Earth is Blue…from sadness:

  8. Ogie D commented on Brevity about 1 year ago

    then it should be Coppola before Darius….

  9. Ogie D commented on Frazz over 1 year ago

    Thrifty Acres? Wow…that was the 1st Meijer’s super store on 28th and Kalamazoo in Grand Rapids in the 60’s. Talk about obscure reference. BTW: When in Da U.P. visit Kitchi-Ti-Kippi!

  10. Ogie D commented on F Minus over 1 year ago

    Probably Windows 10