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  1. Durandal_1707 commented on Over the Hedge 9 days ago

    The quote from the original poem was “Theirs but to do and die.” And, not or.

    Although for Black Friday, that still works just as well.

  2. Durandal_1707 commented on Doonesbury 13 days ago

    21,000 years ago? That’s the Stone Age, far too early for those medieval-looking iron weapons and armor.

  3. Durandal_1707 commented on The Norm Classics 18 days ago

    Why on Earth does he like her so much? She’s insufferable.

  4. Durandal_1707 commented on Peanuts Begins 22 days ago

    It’s actually a half-diminished 7th, rather than a fully diminished 7th, because of the C♯ instead of a C♮. You could also interpret it as an F♯ minor with an added sixth, in which case I could see it resolving to a C♯ minor triad instead of E major, so that could be the key as well. Unfortunately, I don’t know what piece this is from either.

  5. Durandal_1707 commented on Close to Home 26 days ago

    I always wanted to (but was too lazy to actually) make a spoof of that ad, wearing dorky glasses and walking around going “Can you hear me now? Shit.” in a bunch of different locales.

  6. Durandal_1707 commented on Doonesbury about 1 month ago

    I’m pretty sure that that thing he keeps saying is “bigly”, not “big league”. The latter would make more sense, and thus it’s not it.

  7. Durandal_1707 commented on Luann about 1 month ago

    What I’m wondering is, is he actually wearing the sign in-universe, or is it just on our side of the fourth wall for the benefit of the censors?

  8. Durandal_1707 commented on Frazz about 1 month ago

    It’s cyan and yellow that make green, not blue.

  9. Durandal_1707 commented on Peanuts about 1 month ago

    Hardly a lullaby. Last movement of the Pathétique.

  10. Durandal_1707 commented on Luann about 1 month ago

    Did they time-travel to the 90s to find that boombox?