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  1. Tarry Plaguer commented on Dick Tracy 3 days ago

    Just minutes later…

  2. Tarry Plaguer commented on Dick Tracy 3 days ago

    If Mr. Gould were here still doing this strip, he’d have Lizz do something violent such as fire her weapon, peppering the front windshield in a hail of hot lead, killing both Gruesome & Einstein and swerving into something resulting in their getaway car exploding in a fireball.

    Actually, I think Mike & Joe would love to do that, problem is it wouldn’t get by the Tribune editors. It is strange some of what is and isn’t allowed, and sometimes it has to do with current events. God forbid we have Tracy trying to apprehend an African American, or have a school shooting with Honeymoon, or any of a multitude of other high profile cases in the news. Even though that is what Gould always did with the strip. Times, they are a changin’. We may get by with a panel of Lizz firing her gun and blast fire coming out the nozzle, then a panel of the getaway car with a broken, bullet riddled, windshield and two shadows inside hitting a dumpster, and then a panel of the car going boom like the one we used for the musicians that Mumbles blew up. It is possible, we could get away with that. Hey maybe that is tomorrows strip! But, then again….

  3. Tarry Plaguer commented on Dick Tracy 4 days ago

    Einstein – “I’m a doctor, not a get away driver!”

    Oh, wrong show.

  4. Tarry Plaguer commented on Dick Tracy 4 days ago

    Okay, I concede, today’s Dick Tracy is awesome.

    As is your avatar! The light of wisdom! Cure Diamond!! I, Cure Diamond, will be the one to cool your rage!

  5. Tarry Plaguer commented on Dick Tracy 6 days ago

    I wonder if the Gruesome gun grab is anything like this?

  6. Tarry Plaguer commented on Dick Tracy 10 days ago

    In my youth I wanted to do animation. I have always been a fan of animation and today’s subjects leave me with so many things to say. June Foray is to female cartoon roles as Mel Blanc was to the male ones. If you don’t know who Mel Blanc is please look it up, you can feel like an idiot later.

    Of course this means that I have become increasingly aware of Japanese animation (never would have guessed from my avatar). Today’s discussion has made me think of two animated feature films I want to recommend to anyone who may be interested.

    The first is what has become an instant Christmas classic in our household, Tokyo Godfathers. If you have time I highly recommend watching this movie by the late Satoshi Kon. All of his movies were great, but this is my favorite. Be prepared for an emotional roller-coaster ride, of the type Kon was famous for.

    The second film is one from the Walt Disney of Japan Hayao Miyazaki. All of the films that have come from Studio Ghibli are must see movies. That is pretty much the way of it for this animation powerhouse that even has an academy award winning film in the US, Spirited Away. That is not the film I wanted to mention though. The talk of the attack on Pearl Harbor made me think of this film. Miyazaki has always had a fascination with aircraft, you can see many fanciful creations in his movies, all of it brought about by his youth. His father was director of Miyazaki Airplane, which made rudders for A6M Zero fighter planes during World War II. The last film Hayao Miyazaki directed for Studio Ghibli, and said to be the last film he will direct he is retiring, for real this time, was The Wind Rises a fictionalized biopic of Jiro Horikoshi (1903–1982), designer of the Mitsubishi A5M fighter aircraft and its successor, the Mitsubishi A6M Zero. I think the most memorable part of the film is at the very end when he is standing in his dream landscape surrounded by the wreckage of countless Zero fighters and says to Caproni, “Not a single plane returned.” Of the 10,939 aircraft built, there are only 4 zero aircraft with flyable airframes, and only one of those has an original engine. Most of the Zero planes you see in war movies and TV shows are single-seat North American T-6 Texans, with heavily modified fuselages and painted in Japanese markings, because there were no real Zeros left to use.

  7. Tarry Plaguer commented on Dick Tracy 12 days ago

    One of the Team Tracy members is celebrating a Birthday today. That is all I am going to say. I value my life.

  8. Tarry Plaguer commented on Dick Tracy 12 days ago

    Did Dick Locher do the Scrooge and Marley picture on page 4? It was quite good.

    Well it is signed LOCHER in the upper right corner, so I would say it is a definite possibility.
    I think he did the “I’ve been malled” cartoon on page 5 as well. That one got a snicker from me. Another Black Friday victim returns home.

  9. Tarry Plaguer commented on Dick Tracy 17 days ago

    I “get” that Boris Karloff played Gruesome in the movie, but I am really getting a bit tired of the “in jokes” about Gruesome in the strip looking like Karloff.

    Boris Karloff played Jonathan in the Arsenic and Old Lace play as well. The play opened on January 10, 1941 at the Fulton Theatre a Broadway theater in New York. It moved to the Hudson Theater on September 25, 1943 where it played until it’s closing on June 17, 1944. In all it was performed 1,444 times. The character of Jonathan Brewster is very sensitive about his new appearance and tends to become rather violent when anyone even suggests that he looks like Boris Karloff, as can be seen here at the 1:05 minute mark of this clip from the movie, with Raymond Massey portraying the role of Jonathan Brewster

  10. Tarry Plaguer commented on Dick Tracy 21 days ago