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  1. Tarry Plaguer commented on Dick Tracy 1 day ago

    Or you could watch the live action version.

  2. Tarry Plaguer commented on Dick Tracy 2 days ago

    I have the complete list saved now. If anyone can think of names that boboscar and I have left off the list, let us know. Also feel free to argue about any names that are included. I agree with AnyFace that the Space Coupe and it’s passengers may still be alive out there somewhere, although again the chance is very slim.

  3. Tarry Plaguer commented on Dick Tracy 2 days ago

    Found it!
    Apparatus Member (Killed by DoubleUp) 10/25/11 & fed to Tonsils 10/27/11

  4. Tarry Plaguer commented on Dick Tracy 2 days ago

    I also seem to remember an Apparatus member being offed by DoubleUp on Pandas order. I think he was fed to the barracuda afterword.

  5. Tarry Plaguer commented on Dick Tracy 2 days ago

    boboscar, I’ll agree with you on all points. I believe you are correct about the guard being the same one Bardoll is seen talking to on the day before the shooting. You can see him reaching for his gun inside his coat. So we can take away the + on that one. As for whether or not he is dead. You are correct casualty does not mean dead. We never see anyone attend to him in any way after he is seen lying at the foot of the stairs of the Space Coupe. Can change it to shot by Bardol and assumed killed, not confirmed.
    As for Puttypuss, I put him in there for the sake of being complete with this list, he may have died. We see the medics getting ready with an empty gurney to go fetch him, but never hear anything about him after that. I did say it was not confirmed.
    We actually don’t really know if Davy Mylar is lying under that tombstone either, although it would be a real stretch to say that he isn’t.
    I also realized I missed two:
    + Wormy & Thistledew (Reported dead in armory fire) 03/21/11

  6. Tarry Plaguer commented on Dick Tracy 2 days ago

    AnyFace, I added a few things to the list for you including dates.

    Flyface 04/22/11
    The Fifth & Eddie Garcia (at the same time) 04/25/11
    Earl (Flaky and Hot Rize’s innocent co-worker) 05/12/11
    Hot Rize 05/28/11
    Emma Parks (A.K.A. Ponytail Mk I) 06/14/11
    The 2 terrorists who tried to hire and double cross Morning Gloria 08/13/11
    Big Frost 10/20/11
    Flaky Biscuits (never confirmed, but implied) 10/29/11
    + Sizzler Sitzes (Hired by Kadaver to kill Charles Adams A.K.A. Baron Clovis in a hit and run. Was then shot and killed by Kadaver to keep him quiet) 10/31/11 identified 11/09/11
    Cueball (Puttypuss may also be dead, not confirmed) 01/31/12
    Mr. Levitz (Doubleup’s main henchman in his first story; later killed by Kadaver to get Doubleup off) 03/13/12
    + Vincent Vinyl 05/05/12 confirmed 05/11/12
    The 3 supporting members of the Mumbles Quartet 05/20/12
    Lt. Teevo 07/06/12 confirmed 07/18/12
    Panda 07/15/12 confirmed 07/23/12
    Davey Mylar (A.K.A. Mr. Crime Mk II) 07/13/12 tombstone 09/30/12
    + Arthur Curry (aquarium director) 08/22/12
    Bookie (Measles’ partner) 10/14/12
    Measles 11/10/12
    + Stephen Baux’s fiancée 02/08/13 identified 02/27/13
    Simon Baux A.K.A. Sweat Box 02/24/13
    + Diet Smith Industries Guard (killed by Bardoll) 06/25/13 confirmed 06/29/13
    Bardoll 07/07/13 confirmed 07/16/13
    Hy Pressure 09/28/13 confirmed 10/08/13
    Drs. Sail, Ghote, and Flash Munroe? (still alive last we saw them, and ambiguous that they’re dead, but it often sounds like Curtis thinks of them as dead) 10/18/13
    Bill “Shortcake” Mitchell (apparatus member) (never confirmed, but implied) 10/31/13
    Miles Mycroft 01/26/14
    Mr. Kolossal 04/30/14
    Ed Rosato (never confirmed, but implied) 05/14/14
    Tabby Angus 05/28/14
    The Butcher of the Balkans A.K.A. Henrik Wilemse 07/27/14
    Axel 10/05/14
    Otis 12/05/14
    NOTE: Names with an + were found dead or killed prior to the story start.

  7. Tarry Plaguer commented on Endtown 3 days ago

    I will assume that Patti was the blond lizard that paired up with curly top here to give Sarah the tour back in August.
    Someone has gone to the egg stream. This is the beginning of the line, the egg sorting room. My guess is that Jim has totally cracked. He has thrown off the yoke of humanity, and isn’t even a shell of his former self. He has embraced his racoon and has gone rabid. What we see here won’t hold a candle to what horrors may await in the nursery.

  8. Tarry Plaguer commented on Dick Tracy 4 days ago

    I’ll give you a gold star if you can tell me why I have the avatar I do on here.

    Well, I’ve been catching up on the comments since jumping on board in the middle of the “Annie” run …
    … so though I don’t immediately recall the character’s name or anime title, I do recall that she works as a manga artist’s assistant. Woo-Hoo!
    Actually had no idea Mike, Joe, Shelley, Shane and Jim had taken the helm here till I’d run a totally random Google search to see if the “Annie” cliffhanger had ever been properly resolved, only to find out that they were in the midst of doing exactly that.
    And never actually got around to signing up and posting till 12/11/14.
    Then it took over a month before GoComics came to the conclusion that I was “Mostly Harmless” and vetted my comments.
    So yeah, I’m hep to a few of the backstories, at least in passing.

    AnyFace, here is your star.

    You are correct about what the character did in the anime and why I use her. GOOD JOB!.
    The character is Natsumi Kato from the anime Bakuman. I always felt it was a great parallel for Team Tracy since it is about an artist and a writer mangaka team, both male, and their assistants. Kato was the only girl assistant, and she did inking, so it sort of fit perfectly. They did have the other girl, Kaya Miyoshi, who is the artists best friend, but she wasn’t actually paid to help, she just sort of ended up learning how when she dropped by. It also doesn’t hurt that if Shelley wore her hair in pigtail braids, she would look like Kato. Well not exactly, she doesn’t have bangs anymore, but similar.

  9. Tarry Plaguer commented on Dick Tracy 4 days ago

    Nice throw by Sprocket. But how did Mrs. F get turned around? She threw the knife right-handed; her right shoulder is turned toward Sprocket as she lets it go; yet Sprocket’s film can hits Stiletta in the left shoulder. Fire the continuity editor!

    It’s possible Stiletta is ambidextrous, she does have knives on both hips. She may have been in the process of throwing another knife left handed and then ended up blocking the blow with her left arm. We don’t see another knife, but she may have dropped it as she tried to protect her body, or she could have been reaching for the knife on her back.

  10. Tarry Plaguer commented on Dick Tracy 4 days ago

    Hey AnyFace, I just noticed your avatar is Kagome and Inuyasha. NICE! Watch all of The Final Act yet?
    I’ll give you a gold star if you can tell me why I have the avatar I do on here.