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  1. nclemoine commented on On A Claire Day over 4 years ago

    $38,000!!!! Where are they shopping? In So Cal a fully loaded 2012 Prius doesn’t reach the $30,000 mark, and it can be as low as $23,000. Besides the mileage (between 45 and 48 mpg in my old one), it’s a great car. (no, I am not a Prius salesman, but if I were I would love to sell it for 38t)

  2. nclemoine commented on Frazz about 5 years ago

    For sure it wasn’t here in California!

  3. nclemoine commented on Arlo and Janis over 5 years ago

    prrdh, vampire bats do exists, by husband was bitten by one, but he controlled his urges and I am fine…. but seriously, in reality they don’t suck the blood, they lick it after they’ve bitten… and he really was bitten, it left a nasty wound to took some time to heal.