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Ballard Street by Jerry Van Amerongen

Ballard Street

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  1. Lefty2 commented on The LeftyBosco Picture Show 27 days ago

    Happy New Year LeftyBosco! I enjoyed all your artwork this year!

  2. Lefty2 commented on Ballard Street about 1 month ago

    Days gone bye. Childish dreams which lingered. Super heroes bubbling to the surface. Pipe dreams to beat the system. Astral projections, real adventures, real times and places. Magic get a ways; safety valves popping; wishful thinking; and answer to stress in the post modern world. Over the counter meds, not as romantic but just as effective. Being old is a privilege not everyone gets.

  3. Lefty2 commented on Truth Facts about 1 month ago

    Saw John Pinette in Florida quite a few years back. He was hysterical. RIP John.

  4. Lefty2 commented on Ballard Street about 1 month ago

    There is magic in this land of Ballard Street. More than mythology, this is a real place which comes to the surface everyday. Just like Rusty Boy, the dancing garage door nymphs, the rock store in old downtown, Shirley’s sisters in Toledo, there is magic in the air and it’s not just because of the season of the year, no this is straight from the basement of the brain. Oh rejoice and be glad, do it like you know it, sing in the shower, tickle the kid, you could give a goldfish a bath and no one would think twice about it. Ballard Street Rules.

  5. Lefty2 commented on The LeftyBosco Picture Show about 1 month ago

    Dang. . . that’s excellent!

  6. Lefty2 commented on Ballard Street about 1 month ago

    Oh yes. . . Graham. It obviously runs in the family. And I wouldnt think of asking about Lawrence.

  7. Lefty2 commented on Ballard Street about 1 month ago

    Sorry to say this will be some sad commentary. Yes friends it’s true, Ted trusts no one. There are people with deep seated issues and then there’s Ted. Ted’s father ran away to the Philippines with a balding Italian pizza delivery guy. Ted thought his mother Ruthiemae who was a cook for a lumber jack crew blamed him for the horrible incident. This left Ted an emotional midget. Then there was the awful episode in his speed reading class, as you know there was some temporary eye damage but the emotional scars lingered for years. Sadly the parade continued into Ted’s college days and after graduation, if Ted’s uncle hadn’t given him a job as night clerk in an eight room motel on route 72 just east of Toledo, I’m sure the rest of the story would have been just too grim to tell. The only bright spot and his saving grace was meeting Shirley, they married and moved to Ballard Street where his sometimes peculiar behavior is largely ignored.

  8. Lefty2 commented on Domestic Abuse 2 months ago

    how fitting for today.

  9. Lefty2 commented on Ballard Street 2 months ago

    A little known historical fact which I just found out about on a PBS special called, Ben Franklin and the Real Poor Richard. OK, Franklin invented which was called at the time a “FoldaWay” chair. As usual he was ahead of his time. However the FoldaWay had a few draw backs and really didn’t get popular until the Civil War. At that time, General Grant order the cast iron hinges be replaced with forged and then hand hammered double bending fittings and replaced the mule skin seat and back with pig skin. Well it was a revolutionary design change and an avant-garde style transformation. Chad really can’t live without his. He keeps one in the basement, one in the trunk, two in the garage and one under the bed. Shirley thinks the one under the bed is a little spooky, but it’s Ballard Street and that’s just how its goes.

  10. Lefty2 commented on Twaggies 5 months ago

    just what??