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  1. DragonRydr commented on Garfield about 6 hours ago

    Should I be worried that my reflection was wearing a blindfold?

  2. DragonRydr commented on Bloom County 2 days ago

    His description is a perfect match for Reagan. He was brain dead from the get-go, and got lead around by Wall Street and the bankers to create the disaster “Trickle Down” economics that STILL has our economy sabotaged.

  3. DragonRydr commented on The Born Loser 10 days ago

    IKEA has LED’s for cheap. The ones I bought there (4 of them) have been in use a bit over a year. Remind me in 5 – 10 years to tell you how long they last, or if they are still going.

  4. DragonRydr commented on The Born Loser 10 days ago

    Because corporations sure as h377 don’t know, or care.

  5. DragonRydr commented on The Born Loser 10 days ago

    I bought mine at the dollar store, they’ve been running two years. Had ONE that was DOA, and Lowes has a drop box for them to be recycled. I go there often enough for gardening supplies that when one DOES finally burn out, it won’t be a bother to drop it off there.

  6. DragonRydr commented on MythTickle 12 days ago

    Are you my Mummy?
    #The Doctor

  7. DragonRydr commented on Doonesbury 12 days ago

    Most guys don’t. Why do you think we do so abysmally in dating?

  8. DragonRydr commented on Doonesbury 16 days ago

    National Snow and Ice Data Center (yes there is such a thing) shows Arctic Sea ice DECLINING and is below average in ALL sectors. So, no, it is NOT increasing, but nice Fox LIE.

  9. DragonRydr commented on The Born Loser 20 days ago

    It’s not taxes that are depleting my income, it’s a lack of income. Wages have been flat, while prices have been going up. The most simple math shows that makes the wage earned lose out each and every year. But nice try with the lie.

  10. DragonRydr commented on Endtown 20 days ago

    coo coo ke choo.