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Calvin and Hobbes

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  1. MarcusAudens commented on Pluggers 23 days ago

    We have a male cat, and he makes it quite clear that he will endure just so much snuggling and when his tail begins to move back and forth, it is time to put him down!

  2. MarcusAudens commented on Pickles about 1 month ago

    “Superiors don’t take orders from their underlings,” — Well said, we are a house-keeping team for a male cat , and I note that when my wife urges the cat to do something cute, the response is exactly the same as with the above muffin.

  3. MarcusAudens commented on Clay Bennett about 1 year ago

    Well, you have to admit that a shotgun at 30 ft does a lot to discourage those who would enter your house, beat up the old man, and rape his wife which has happened three times in my area. Of course, the anti-gun whiners wil be against all guns until it happens to them, and then watch out! Make way for the left to the nearest gun store!!

    Ihope no-one comes knocking o my door after dark, but just in case the shotgun is nearby.

  4. MarcusAudens commented on Jack Ohman about 1 year ago

    Mr. McSpook;

    Do you mean your family might be in danger from an idiot with manhood issues that has in his hand a fighting knife, Mexican Bolo, or a Civil War sword?

    A gun is a weapon which does not do anything by itself, only the person who wields it. I agree that we should make every effort to lock up those who would use any of the above weapons. However, that won’t happen and so I much prefer to have in hand a weapon that will stop a thief, or murderer at a distance farther than an arms length.

    Within the last few months there have been three breakins in my area and in all three men beat up the man after he was tied up, and raped his wife. The cops finally caught all of them but the men are severely injured and the women are still in a state of shock. In my house it takes the police 20 minutes to get here, which leaves the problem should it arise solely to me.

    I believe that I will keep my guns, place them around the house where they are easy to reach so that when that knock in the night, that I hope never comes, my wife will not have to go through such.


  5. MarcusAudens commented on Mike Thompson about 1 year ago

    Tubes 22 — I am always a little leery of people like the little guy. You do know that they can detonate a nuc, and they have a missile that can work, and we THINK that they don’t have a way to put them together. The little guy may be a tad stupid, but his military backups are not! If they just happened to get everything right, that would be a big point for NK. I don’t think I want to risk it, by saying, " who is afraid of the little stupid wolf!!!!"

  6. MarcusAudens commented on Views of the World over 1 year ago

    I’m glad that I read the comments. Now I have some idea of the meaning of the cartoon

  7. MarcusAudens commented on Pearls Before Swine over 2 years ago

    Marcus Audens — I’m new to this strip for about the past year, I have seen the rat occupy the place of a self-involved jerk. Goat seems to be a normal thoughtful personage and the pig is lovable but easily led. The desire that I have is to meet the creator of these characters who are so far apart and wo is able to put them together in an amusing way. That would be a real adventure!!!!!

  8. MarcusAudens commented on Pat Oliphant over 2 years ago

    warhawk — Where’s the defense of the people who have been kept from their workplaces, bothered in their homes by the incessent noise, the unbearable stench of defecation in the streets, not to mention the injuries, death and rape concerns. How about the threat of molotov cocktails? Oh yeah these are the people I would want to speak for me — NOT!!!!!

  9. MarcusAudens commented on Alley Oop over 2 years ago

    Hooray! I just found Alley Oop again!!!! He was one of my favorites when I was a kid. Space ship? another planet, hmmmmm, I wonder why he didn’t take Denny to keep him out of trouble? Denny isn’t going to like Lola.

  10. MarcusAudens commented on Andy Capp over 2 years ago

    Squid said, When I was in Gibralter years ago, the Northumberland Fusiliers put up a bagpipe concert each night in the military square. As I listened I wanted so bad to march and fight with them and the pipes blowing. I think it has a lot to do with a military mind