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  1. tr.phipps commented on The Buckets over 3 years ago

    I have the large 3D LED TV with Blu-Ray player but I still love the movie theater experience. I have plans today to go to the movies with a friend.

  2. tr.phipps commented on The Duplex over 3 years ago

    I heard a long time ago that dogs eat grass because they like the taste of it. They vomit after eating the grass because they can’t digest it.

  3. tr.phipps commented on Freshly Squeezed almost 4 years ago

    Once you solve the equation on how to bend space, the rest should be pretty straight-forward. Good Luck.

  4. tr.phipps commented on Zack Hill almost 4 years ago

    Oh sure… blame the dog!

  5. tr.phipps commented on The Other Coast almost 4 years ago

    The only one not looking around is the man in the very back. He’s the guilty one.

  6. tr.phipps commented on Pluggers almost 4 years ago

    When she is much older, she’ll be known as, “Grandma Dark Arms”.

  7. tr.phipps commented on Zack Hill almost 4 years ago

    The song that was planned for that show was scrapped when David Bowie refused to sing it. One of the writers quickly hammered out a medley of “Little Drummer Boy” and “Peace on Earth” and the song was performed live without rehearsal. Shows the talent in both performers that they could pull off a great performance “on the fly”.

  8. tr.phipps commented on Strange Brew almost 4 years ago

    When I lived in California 20 years ago, there was a joke that was popular:
    Q: What is the difference between a contractor and an environmentalist?
    A: The evironmentalist already has a house in the mountains.

  9. tr.phipps commented on Ben almost 4 years ago

    It most likely has an interlocking attachment that only allows the tool to operate when properly assembled. He doesn’t know what it is or what it does and believes it is broken. Out with the trash it goes. Sometime after the trash is collected, he’ll find the attachment and remember. DOH!

  10. tr.phipps commented on Reality Check almost 4 years ago

    There are 10 kinds of people in the world… Those who understand Binary and those who don’t.