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  1. AgentSmith101 commented on Tom Toles 4 days ago

    I thought Cruz was soundly kicked to the curb. The convention demonstrated my determination not to vote for Trump. We’ll see how the Democratic convention goes, but it doesn’t appear to be much better. Just different. Trite and established.

  2. AgentSmith101 commented on Ted Rall 5 days ago

    Cruz is gamboling. If Trump loses big time he looks like a star (to Republican hardliners). If Trump loses by a small margin he’ll look more of a chump than Trump.

  3. AgentSmith101 commented on Matt Wuerker 6 days ago

    @Mark Sellers
    That’s why parties never mention their own faults anymore. The other party will handily do it with expertise or lack thereof.

  4. AgentSmith101 commented on Mike Luckovich 7 days ago

    Each party is eating its tail.

  5. AgentSmith101 commented on Ted Rall 7 days ago

    Ted, from your comic to God’s ears.

  6. AgentSmith101 commented on Jen Sorensen 7 days ago

    The issue isn’t misogyny. It’s being critical of a film which is a new skin wrapped on old bones. The reviews I read and even the hyper critical people during the trailers have given the movie and ‘OK’ rating. If it was misogyny the film would have been eviscerate due to "reasons’.

  7. AgentSmith101 commented on Tom Toles 8 days ago

    @guy fawkes

  8. AgentSmith101 commented on Mike Luckovich 11 days ago

    While I sorta agree with you. DWB (Driving While Black) and WWB (Walking While Black) are known issues. Almost stereotypically so to the point where black fathers are required to have ‘the talk’ with their black sons about the injustice they will guaranteed have with the police.

    Is there are greater percentage of black men who perpetrate crimes? I’d have to look at the stats.

    The problem is this. Honest, hard working black men are being punished for the mistakes of others. Sound familiar? It should. Every time gun control is brought up after a shooting.

  9. AgentSmith101 commented on Ted Rall 11 days ago

    @Uncle Joe
    The IRA fought the British in a localized fashion. They wanted a nation free of British control. Catholicism was merely coincidental.

    The people committing the current crop of terror are Radical Muslims. Their religion is the gateway towards their radicalization. Even with nations that have strict gun control and calls out to the moderate Muslims community to police and report potential radicals, what else do you suggest? The solutions Belgium have been using in Brussels might not be implemented in time before the next attack.

  10. AgentSmith101 commented on Matt Bors 11 days ago

    @Xavier Sartre
    Says the person who lives in an entirely different culture.