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  1. badgerman commented on Shoe about 1 month ago

    “Al S. said, about 6 hours ago
    Cosmo and Shoe can wander around in the woods for days “playing” golf.”

    I believe that should read …can wander around in the woods in a daze. ;)

  2. badgerman commented on Clay Jones about 1 month ago

    For those who are calling this a cheap shot, and reviling the cartoonist I would ask them what the thousands, upon thousands of victims might say.

  3. badgerman commented on Mike Luckovich 6 months ago

    The only people less moral, and more despicable than most 1%érs are the ones who are there loyal lackeys.

  4. badgerman commented on Rob Rogers 12 months ago

    " Sky_Soldier said, about 3 hours ago

    Getting rid of the Obstructionist Conservatives would surely go a long way towards allowing us to solve many of our problems. Get them out of our personal lives and give us back our freedom."

    Well it’s about time someone figured out what Obama is…an Obstructionist Conservative….must be since almost all the intrusive acts by government have been continued, or expanded by him. Dick Cheney’s l’il brother with a tan.

  5. badgerman commented on Tom Toles over 1 year ago

    Those who vote for these politicians are very much lower.

  6. badgerman commented on Tom Toles over 1 year ago

    Toles’ only problem is a complete lack of basic knowledge of the subject: NO fully automatic weapon was used in any of the civilian massacres. They sometimes appear in drug gang wars, and of course the cops and military use them all the time.

    It doesn’t matter where you stand on an issue, if you are going to keppep from appearing the fool, you must learn the basics of the subject matter.

  7. badgerman commented on Tom Toles almost 2 years ago

    To those who are in denial and saying this is of no consequence because it was written 4 centuries after his demise… I would point out that NO New Te3stement book was written for nearly a century after the same event.

    The scriptures are a collection of stories written by many different men over a long period of time…argue their inspiration, but you cannot argue they reflect the real truth of the people or events as they happened (or didn’t happen).

    Belief is having faith that what you are told or read is the truth. Or to paraphrase Mark Twain, “Is that too many for you?”

  8. badgerman commented on Ripley's Believe It or Not about 2 years ago

    If the Peruvians had left their brains turned on fro 30 seconds longer they would have planted coastal adapted plants at the bottom of each water collector. When large enought the plant itself would act as a ‘collector’.

  9. badgerman commented on Tony Auth about 2 years ago

    “masterskrain said, about 1 hour ago

    The NRA has been screaming “They are coming to take our guns away” for about the last 40 or 50 years! Yadda…Yadda…Yadda…"
    Hasn’t happened yet, has it?"

    You don’t suppose that maybe there efforts have had some influence on that outcome?

  10. badgerman commented on Tony Auth over 2 years ago

    If you condemn Neighborhood Watches and the NRA for the actions of one person, then you must logically blame the US Military and ALL of our soldiers for the one soldier going on the killing spree. Use you common sense folks.