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  1. milesbw commented on Rob Rogers 6 months ago

    Corruption in sport is SO much more important, especially in someone else’s national game!

  2. milesbw commented on Tom Toles 9 months ago

    It’s funny how the National Debt is blamed on jobless people in industrial wastelands rather than richer-than-most-countries corporations like Google & Apple who use multi-nationalism to pay tax nowhere.

  3. milesbw commented on Pat Oliphant 11 months ago

    You don’t have to be Muslim to be gutless murderers: what about Timothy McVeigh? The IRA? Military drones?

    The West is waging war in the Middle East by remote control, having learned that dead G.I.s make bad headlines. We have thrown up walls around ourselves so that only our own disaffected citizens can attack us. Thus our death toll is still less than 0.1% of what we have inflicted.

    Who are the cowards? Look at the comments here and judge for yourselves.

  4. milesbw commented on Doonesbury 11 months ago


    “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

    A Doonesbury from nearly quarter of a century ago:


  5. milesbw commented on La Cucaracha over 1 year ago

    Punching a police officer is punishable by death? Lynch-law is alive and well in small-town USA, with inadequates hiding behind their guns and badges.

  6. milesbw commented on Ted Rall over 1 year ago


    If the cop had a smashed eye-socket he did surprisingly well getting six bullets into his target, lacking binocular vision. I have heard no report of him needing hospital treatment before being sent home on suspension.

    As to the pot, I think you’ve got your drug horror stories mixed up: the pot smokers I know turn into giggling morons, not raging bulls.

    Those six bullets also suggest he decided that Michael Brown had to die, not be arrested, especially the one that entered the top of Brown’s head.

  7. milesbw commented on Tom Toles over 1 year ago

    And what does Tony Blair say about it om today’s BBC?


    The man’s insane.

  8. milesbw commented on Darrin Bell over 1 year ago

    What’s the difference between the Sunni & Shia tribalism of Iraq and that of the Democrats & Republicans in the US? There are extremists in both countries who would rather see their country destroyed than compromise with their enemies. Nowhere is it more apparent than the mindless sectarian comments on this page.

  9. milesbw commented on Jeff Stahler over 1 year ago

    So, no real news in the headlines for the next few weeks!

  10. milesbw commented on Ted Rall almost 2 years ago

    Is there a moral difference between a drone attack and a bomb detonated by a cell phone? Killing without risk makes you an executioner, not a soldier.