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  1. efells commented on Get Fuzzy almost 3 years ago

    Well we all know Bucky isn’t too smart. If you follow this ‘toon, you might remember that the ferrets have access to Bucky’s apartment through the flap in Satch’s room. Building a barricade that is uni-directional with your back to the apartment’s entrance leaves you open to attack from behind. Bucky most be well schooled in French war tactics, this is reminiscent of the Maginot line.

  2. efells commented on Chuckle Bros almost 3 years ago

    This toon instantly reminded me of one of my favorite Procol Harum songs – As Strong as Samson -
    “Psychiatrists and lawyers destroying mankind
    Drivin’ ’em crazy…and stealing ’em blind
    Bankers and brokers ruling the world
    Storing the silver and hoarding the gold”

  3. efells commented on Ted Rall almost 3 years ago

    I am awarding you two awards this day. First, “Obscure Reference in a Comment of the Day” for epistemic closure. Epistemic is so obscure that it did not make the Google Chrome spell check dictionary. Second, ’Best Book Recommendation of the Day in a Comments Section on a Comic" for recommending “Savage Continent”. It is a rainy day today, I just ordered the Kindle version of the book and will get started on it after lunch. Thank-you.

  4. efells commented on Dana Summers almost 3 years ago

    They have this already in Israel. It is called having an intelligent, well trained person scan the crowd coming into the airport, profile individuals, pull out the ones that look like they need a talking too and ask them some serious questions. This would never work of course in the land of the free……..

  5. efells commented on New Adventures of Queen Victoria almost 3 years ago

    Thanks for today’s history lesson http://www.biography.com/people/leon-frank-czolgosz-235807
    Curiously, a presidential assassin becomes as obscure reference in a comic strip in one hundred and twelve years.

  6. efells commented on Chip Bok about 3 years ago

    You have absolutely no idea what health insurance on the individual market costs or covers. Although the prices on the exchanges may seem shocking to someone who has either their employer or the government picking up the premium, the prices on the exchanges in many cases are far lower than the prices on the open market. Talk about not doing research….

  7. efells commented on Mike Luckovich about 3 years ago

    If you don’t think that this cartoon points up a major problem in the Republican party, a lack of leaders who can appeal to a vast majority of voters and not a fringe element, then you truly are in denial.

  8. efells commented on Bloom County about 3 years ago

    I am with you. You think that would be an easy thing to get right. It looks like some of us readers pay more attention to the arc of these stories then their publisher.

  9. efells commented on The Boondocks about 3 years ago

    An old joke, but one worth re-telling – “The only Texas law that Dick Cheney broke was shooting a lawyer out-of season”.

  10. efells commented on That is Priceless about 3 years ago

    Wow! Fourteen comments and not a single Anthony Weiner joke. Such restraint. For those of you not in the NY area, just be glad you can turn on your tv and not have to see the Weinermeister ad campaigning for an office that he hasn’t a snow ball’s chance in August of winning.