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Ballard Street by Jerry Van Amerongen

Ballard Street

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  1. Gaijinrabbit commented on Ballard Street 4 days ago

    Maybe not mad, but definitely miffed, verging on peeved.

  2. Gaijinrabbit commented on Kliban 4 days ago

    Silicon baking pans work great; silicon frying pans, not so much.

  3. Gaijinrabbit commented on Kliban's Cats 5 days ago

    That’s a mighty big cat. Must be a Maine Coon.

  4. Gaijinrabbit commented on Frog Applause 5 days ago

    Better yet, a mirror on either side so he can see himself into infinity. Narcissists love that.

  5. Gaijinrabbit commented on Frog Applause 5 days ago

    In other words a person of infinitely superior artistic talent than the one alluded to above. (You know who you are. Or do you? With so many aliases, it must get a trifle confusing.)

  6. Gaijinrabbit commented on Rabbits Against Magic 7 days ago

    How does it feel to be a woman and a misogynist? Cognitive dissonance plus total lack of self-respect must be an unhappy place for you. Bigly sad.

  7. Gaijinrabbit commented on Rabbits Against Magic 9 days ago

    Please try to stay away from people on election day, sweetheart. I wouldn’t want anyone to get hurt when your head explodes at Clinton’s victory.

  8. Gaijinrabbit commented on Foolish Mortals 12 days ago

    The latest in Stupid Extreme Sports.

  9. Gaijinrabbit commented on Kliban 12 days ago

    They’re remnants of the Big Bake, which occurred 3.0471 picoseconds after the Big Bang. Scientists are now studying if pastry matter could be the illusive dark matter.

  10. Gaijinrabbit commented on Working Daze 13 days ago

    That and constantly recommending jobs for which I obviously wasn’t qualified or in places I had no intention of going.