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  1. pumaman commented on Peanuts Begins about 19 hours ago

    That’s cause he’s in the foreground. So a young Al Yankovic won the contest?

  2. pumaman commented on Frazz about 19 hours ago

    If a little stick in my arm decreases my chance of days of misery (and it’s usually much higher than 20%) then I’m on board. Besides, it’s a tradition. Having had a career in the military, I’ve had a flu shot every year for over 30 years now.

  3. pumaman commented on Thatababy 2 days ago

    Nice Brock-a-brella. Invented by Lou Brock, Cardinals hall of famer.

  4. pumaman commented on Frazz 2 days ago

    Can’t fake your way into the placebo effect.

  5. pumaman commented on Cul de Sac 2 days ago

    But nobody likes the cart with the wobbly wheel.

  6. pumaman commented on Adam@Home 3 days ago

    …and a new coccyx.

  7. pumaman commented on Buni 3 days ago

    Going to be another busy Autumn.

  8. pumaman commented on Thatababy 5 days ago

    Not a slug. Just kneeling in a long gown thing. Knees in front under the gown. You can see it’s feet sticking out the back.

  9. pumaman commented on Get Fuzzy 5 days ago

    Thank you notes for what?

  10. pumaman commented on Frazz 5 days ago

    I finally got around to buying my first motorcycle at age 53. Still catching up on that first 30 things.