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  1. Kylop commented on Phil Hands about 12 hours ago

    Phil, republicans lashing out at Liberty is an accurate depiction of how they make me feel about their goals.

  2. Kylop commented on Joel Pett 1 day ago

    So when it steps on a church we’ll all fire unlicensed nuclear accelerators at it?

  3. Kylop commented on Clay Jones 2 days ago

    If Melania “Rick Rolled” the convention that would be the most up-to-date Republican move I’ve seen.

  4. Kylop commented on Lalo Alcaraz 6 days ago

    Perhaps, but Army of Darkness is pictured up there. Jabba however….

  5. Kylop commented on Lalo Alcaraz 6 days ago

    I believe the quote goes “…Cha too ma leia kahnkee, ya ee eema loh kah yah lee…”

  6. Kylop commented on Nick Anderson 11 days ago

    Bringing out the high end troll bait I see. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed Nick

  7. Kylop commented on Drew Sheneman 12 days ago

    “Hillary Clinton – First presidential candidate to be proven a habitual liar by the FBI:”


  8. Kylop commented on John Deering 13 days ago

    Its the new normal

  9. Kylop commented on Clay Jones 14 days ago

    Its July. The election is in November. Pokemon Go will be over by then.

  10. Kylop commented on Lisa Benson 17 days ago


    The meteor probably won’t be allowed in the debates. System is rigged.