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  1. Kim Metzger commented on Maria's Day about 7 hours ago

    You might want to also check how many Christmas cookies are still left.

  2. Kim Metzger commented on Thatababy about 7 hours ago

    Every year at Christmas for years, even when I lived elsewhere and was visiting my parents for Christmas, I’d have one night when I was in the living room by myself that I’d leave the tree plugged in, turn out the lights, and just watch the lit-up tree in the dark for a while.

  3. Kim Metzger commented on Momma about 7 hours ago

    “Momma, I’m carrying Santa’s child!”

  4. Kim Metzger commented on Wizard of Id about 7 hours ago

    O Christmas tree
    O Christmas tree
    You scared the bleep
    Out of me

  5. Kim Metzger commented on Peanuts about 12 hours ago

    Yes, but Snoopy thinking “President Wilson said we’d be home by Christmas … Ha!” indicates Snoopy was part of the American troops sent over after the Yanks declared war.

  6. Kim Metzger commented on Peanuts 1 day ago

    Actually, though America entered the war in 1917, they didn’t really start sending troops until early 1918. The armistice was signed on November 11, so many of the troops were home by Christmas.

  7. Kim Metzger commented on Working Daze 2 days ago

    Geez. I just came up with what I thought was a funny line about some people who eat fruitcake might be committing cannibalism, and next thing I know I hijacked the comments. My apologies to everyone.

    And try that joke using politicians instead of Rita.

  8. Kim Metzger commented on Working Daze 3 days ago

    Give her a fruitcake. Or would that be cannibalism for Rita?

  9. Kim Metzger commented on Maria's Day 3 days ago

    No, they’re hatched.

  10. Kim Metzger commented on Peanuts 3 days ago

    Is Linus is going to demand the return of the money raised?