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  1. Bluedarter commented on Gil Thorp 2 days ago

    Playdowns! WHAT playdowns! I’ve been reading since 1960 (a wee lad), and I can’t remember the last title they brought home. One of you historians has to know, so please tell us. Our Gil is showing them the Finger this year, so we know the real Gil is bubbling up after years of therapy (the missing kids and all). I’m hoping they have the same guy who did the Nick Saban statue on speed dial, so they can get The Gil on a pedestal in front of the Bucket after the parade that’s coming this year. This has GOT to be the year, doesn’t it? By the way, Gil is showing off the Grip of Death while giving a Bobby Bowden homily.

  2. Bluedarter commented on Gil Thorp about 1 month ago

    Why didn’t she storm over to Gil’s house on Saturday morning and scream in his face, like a local woman here did last season? Art had the courtesy to use e-mail to be a self-important clown. Mom and Art are getting together to start a website – GIL’S GOTTA GO.

  3. Bluedarter commented on Gil Thorp 2 months ago

    They have GOT to get a better barber or a better fit for the helmets. The Friar Tuck look has been going on for years now in Milford, and it’s time for Gil and Kaz to take over the Milford Barber College. Their hair is eternal, and their styling would help overcome an obvious inbred genetic defect in Mil town.

  4. Bluedarter commented on Gil Thorp 2 months ago

    Coach Kaz was passing out Vaseline instead of stickum to the receivers. Don’t know why. Marty just got that info from his teletype in the booth.

  5. Bluedarter commented on Gil Thorp 3 months ago

    I was in a Fl HS school, second day of class, with a 400-lb. French teacher from Alabama who had a paralyzing affect on the French language. A reel-to-reel tape played back and forth incessantly as you would recite. She walked by and her leg caught the cord and snatched the tape player to the floor in a flash and smashed it. She said “I guess that cord couldn’t take my 175 pounds.” My buddy next to me, our starting catcher, said “Which arm?” Thinking it was me, she lead me out, and I had 3 yrs. of Latin. – Agricolae est parvae -( the farmer is a midget) is about all I remember. Gil was a more competitive coach then, before the Nike contract and the CC no-show job.

  6. Bluedarter commented on Gil Thorp 3 months ago

    When Tru saw the sign in P2 he let it go in his pants.( And he appears to have a rotating torso.) Tru will take it easy by throwing with his off-arm, making all the throws look easy.Tru Football begins.

  7. Bluedarter commented on Gil Thorp 3 months ago

    Hello, can you say Michael Sams?

  8. Bluedarter commented on Gil Thorp 3 months ago

    We will soon find out that Tru is an illiterate, after he was found signing autographs “Who.” He enrolled at Milford for their Dexter Manley magnet program for athletes.

  9. Bluedarter commented on Gil Thorp 3 months ago

    Marty has been watching MNF highlights, and will now be doing his Howard Cosell impersonations this season. He will introduce a new four-syllable word every game. Pre-season, he is trying out “preposterous”

  10. Bluedarter commented on Gil Thorp 3 months ago

    P1: Gil likes to get drunk, sing karaoke and do the Heisman pose in a Speedo to lighten the mood at practice.