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  1. Bluedarter commented on Gil Thorp about 5 hours ago

    Moose is looking over his shoulder, and can’t help notice that Hakeem still cant get his feet set, and is still throwing high. If they only had some coaching. Rumor is that Gil was in Baton Rouge, interviewing for the LSU job. He flashed his huge, gaudy State Champion ring every where he went. He kept saying “Hey, Notre Dame hired Gerry Faust!” to the girls in the strip clubs. They had to ask him to leave, which is the only reason he’s listening to Moose now.

  2. Bluedarter commented on Gil Thorp 1 day ago

    I was in an APBA league ( for money, of course)with some buddies for 10 years. The girl in the apartment above couldn’t figure out what was going on. She would hear the “clika clika clika” of the dice and then a bunch of screaming. We had our World Series every year during our spring training trek around Florida. We all had 66 t-shirts.One year the pizza delivery guy was hesitant when he came to the motel room door because we were screaming about a great roll. The haze of illegal smoke almost got him high, so after a nice tip and 5 minutes of watching the action he backed out and said “Be cool, and don’t get busted.” That was our t-shirt for the following year. The computer version has Ernie Harwell doing play-by-play, which is a nice touch..

  3. Bluedarter commented on Gil Thorp 1 day ago

    I had Wilbur Wood go 20-0 ( knuckle ball was working) for me one season of All-Star Baseball. Then became hooked on APBA, never having played StatoMatic. At a minor league baseball game this season ( Jacksonville Suns) I sat next to the guy who does the stat work for StratOMatic every season, and even wrote a book about it’s history. Gave me all kinds of info on how SOM and APBA developed. Interesting guy.

  4. Bluedarter commented on Gil Thorp 1 day ago

    Great blocking on the O-line, Coach Boone. Good to see one of the coaches working, other than Heather.

  5. Bluedarter commented on Gil Thorp 2 days ago

    Son, you don’t know where you are. You already missed the Holly Dobbs soap opera. You are dealing here with geezers, uh, I mean, long time readers, who have been following the coaching genius of Gil for (in my case since the 50’s) quite a while. Get a magic marker right now and write GIL on your coffee mug, and take the slow ride to Milford.Like insanity, it can creep up on you, and last a lifetime. Don’t pass up Mopped Up Thorp for the total immersion in Gilville.

  6. Bluedarter commented on Gil Thorp 7 days ago

    A further testament to the coaching acumen of Steve Boone. We may end up with a one-armed QB before the season is over. With Coach Heather on-board, it’s State Champion Gil Thorpe again. Sign Man get ready!

  7. Bluedarter commented on Gil Thorp 8 days ago

    They all stayed home to watch Gil on "Dancing with The Stars. " He and Steve Boone were invited, but Boone kept dropping his partner. Kaz is making a play to be on “The Bachelor” so he can get in hot tubs and showers.

  8. Bluedarter commented on Gil Thorp 28 days ago

    p3: “And Mom said I’d go blind, and gosh she was right.”

  9. Bluedarter commented on Gil Thorp about 1 month ago

    They should have shown Del doing push-ups in his cell, or getting an 88 tattoo. In his head It’s all that cow judges fault. I hope Tru gives young Vice Grip a short right, gets suspended and moves on to Wake. He doesn’t want them to think he’s some kind of prima donna to walk in and start. “Practice. Who needs practice.”

  10. Bluedarter commented on Gil Thorp about 1 month ago

    At first glance I didn’t see the baseball in the air, and I thought R/W were giving a shout out to all the astute commenters on Barry’s “skills.” When does Perry Mason or Matlock. or even Jackie Chan show up to free Del before the Aryan Nation has him in a dress. “Del wasn’t in the truck, you outta luck.”