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  1. Bluedarter commented on Gil Thorp 11 days ago

    I don’t want to go all Perry Mason here, but don’t these juveniles have privacy rights? Did Holly DD coerce the guys into signing waivers? Will Jughead get an agent? Episode 4 has one of the Kardashians visiting Gil and Kaz for gym class. I read it in TV Guide.

  2. Bluedarter commented on Gil Thorp 12 days ago

    I hope Beavis and/or Butthead are going to spouting quantum physics theories from the back of the room. Someone needs to keep the gpa up. We’re talking about REPEAT champions here. After three shows – #moreshowerscenes blows up Twitter.

  3. Bluedarter commented on Gil Thorp 13 days ago

    Please, please let Gil go all Frank Kush and make for some exciting “Hard Knocks High School.” Gil figures if he can’t be blurred he will be bleeped, and proceeds to spew wanton and creative porno profanity at Holly. Ratings soar of course; Gil gets an invite from Urban, drives up to Columbus for a tour of the facilities. When Urban leaves for the Indy Colts, Gil could be the guy to coach Ohio State. Tru can transfer, and the new strip ( to accept the fact that it is 2015 – Jack Berrill, rip ) can have Gil cavorting with cheerleaders. You clever guys can name the new strip.

  4. Bluedarter commented on Gil Thorp 27 days ago

    “Yeah, it’s Dolly Hobbs in my post office picture. The one with blond hair. My movie career is on hold, what with this internet thing ruining porn. I’m back with you rubes. Look at you – a grown man with an earing and hipster sideburns. Where’s the closest liquor store?”

  5. Bluedarter commented on Gil Thorp 3 months ago

    The Thuggees look as if they are facing Death itself. P3 – is this the rebirth of the Monkees, or a young Mick Jagger?

  6. Bluedarter commented on Gil Thorp 6 months ago

    All those pens in Gil’s pocket are for signing autographs for the hordes celebrating the football state title. He forgot all about basketball until this inconvenience. He thought Kaz had it under control. I think Gil’s ready for baseball season (as are we all).

  7. Bluedarter commented on Gil Thorp 8 months ago

    Bobby has seen the future of coaching/dispensing. He thinks Dr. Jack Ramsay was a guy who worked on the radio like Dr. Nick, the personal pharmaceutical supplier to Elvis, the King himself. If he starts making karate moves to illustrate his point to Ish, it’s on, and Gil will be coaching travel ball soon.

  8. Bluedarter commented on Gil Thorp 8 months ago

    At least ask him if he’s got a good weed connection.

  9. Bluedarter commented on Gil Thorp 8 months ago

    Downtown Kenny Brown’s brand puts Max to shame. The finger point, while the ball is in the air, is Jordanesque/Birdlike. Obviously a brilliant coaching job by Gil to make the adjustments. They could go undefeated if StatBoy becomes assistant coach and Kaz hands out the towels.

  10. Bluedarter commented on Gil Thorp 9 months ago

    You may have seen the recent video of a ref on his cell phone while calling a middle-school game. Hopefully he was calling this guy to say WTF? Maybe the Lewst. coach got a T for screaming about the bad call.