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  1. Dan Dougherty commented on Beardo 6 days ago

    Hey everyone, this is the first time I’ve shown the new cover to Volume TWO of Beardo! More news coming about this big launching of FOUR BOOKS!

  2. Dan Dougherty commented on Beardo 19 days ago

    HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT NUMBER 1! BEARDO VOLUME ONE IS RELAUNCHING! If you shop at a comic store or you order through the Previews catalog, you can find Beardo Vol. 1 is now listed for sale, and will be available in May! Comic shops can order it using this code: MAR141019 And here’s the NEW cover, which I’ve been sitting on for way too long!

  3. Dan Dougherty commented on Beardo about 1 month ago

    I hope this comes across as playful. In reality, I’m just happy people read the comic, if they like it even better. I think it’s good to have a sense of humor about yourself, and that’s a big reason why I keep doing Beardo.

  4. Dan Dougherty commented on Beardo about 1 month ago

    New one tomorrow, ladies and gents! Sorry, had to work late last night on a special project!

  5. Dan Dougherty commented on Beardo about 1 month ago

    This is a new one Ryan. Tomorrow’s is too. I’ve been posting new ones and old ones randomly, because I’m hard at work relaunching the Beardo book collections, including the brand new book four! Trust me, I’m “here” every day working on Beardo! Meg is even helping erase pencil lines, that’s how much is going on!

  6. Dan Dougherty commented on Beardo 3 months ago

    Wow, everyone take a deep breath. Some thoughts.

    1. First off, it’s an oldie, a rerun, something to post while I work on production of the four Beardo books. If you were one of my regular readers, you probably would’ve caught that. Or you could’ve deduced it was old by the REALLY LARGE TYPE that is indicative of an older era of Beardo when I had to cater to smaller print.

    2. This – like much of my comic – was based off a real interaction I had. When someone acts ridiculous, be they conservative or liberal, it may make it into my strip. I’ve made fun of all types of people, both parties during the election, even Benjamin Franklin’s wackiness has been made fun of in Beardo. (all of this is in the archives) Saying “left wing loons” and “libtards” though are definitely polarizing statements.

    3. To Tim Tribbett, this comment “I am wounded by your clever wit. How shall I ever go on? Actually Beardo has a fairly small number of viewers so I betting Dan does care a tad when he loses one. Now, run along little libtard” is mean on several levels, uninformed, and hopefully does not become a standard of conduct on the Beardo page.

    4. Of course everyone is entitled to their opinion. But can we at least be civil about it? It’s a comic, and a free one at that.

    5. By the way, it’s a bummer as a creator to see that one of the few times I get a large number of comments, it’s only out of hatred, and not out of simple enjoyment of a comic.

    6. Thanks to the readers who remember what this is, one comic of thousands that they just happen to enjoy.

  7. Dan Dougherty commented on Beardo 3 months ago

    Hey fans, just letting you know I’ve been extremely busy assembling FOUR Beardo books to be released this year. I’ve been given a great opportunity to get the long sold-out books one and two back in print, as well as the anticipated new book four! And each book is being remastered and touched up so they look more gorgeous than ever. So stay tuned, details to come!

  8. Dan Dougherty commented on Beardo 3 months ago

    I’m not a strong swimmer!

  9. Dan Dougherty commented on Beardo 3 months ago

    This IS how it looks outside!

  10. Dan Dougherty commented on Beardo 3 months ago

    Spent most of yesterday shoveling, new Beardo tomorrow!