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  1. rgjuul commented on On A Claire Day 4 months ago

    Hey, move that tree back from the sidewalk! In10 years it will buckle the pavement.

  2. rgjuul commented on Strange Brew 10 months ago

    Still better than drive-thru liquor stores, and those really exist.

  3. rgjuul commented on Strange Brew 11 months ago

    Where’s the level foe congress?

  4. rgjuul commented on Bliss over 1 year ago

    The Bundys all ready did it

  5. rgjuul commented on Tank McNamara over 1 year ago

    I think it is great that one of the authors actually responded in the comments. I wish more would. Obviously there is a lot of tripe not worthy of response, but in many strips I have been impressed and/or amused by the comments.

  6. rgjuul commented on Richard's Poor Almanac over 1 year ago

    Kinkade’s mother isn’t

  7. rgjuul commented on Luann over 1 year ago

    you really expect me to believe that not one but two girls got out of a car without a phone in their hand?

  8. rgjuul commented on Bliss over 1 year ago

    the apocalypse will be rescheduled, like always

  9. rgjuul commented on Doonesbury over 1 year ago

    .Maybe it was drawn from the North side

  10. rgjuul commented on Non Sequitur over 1 year ago

    ok. but why is there an anemometer on each empty desk?