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  1. Oakleif commented on Garfield 8 months ago

    So is Garfield the irresistible force or the immovable object? I suppose if he’s both then we never have to worry about that riddle.

  2. Oakleif commented on Luann 11 months ago

    The important phrase there: “Quill never shut up about you.” Quill’s obviously hooked on Luann, no need to fear female friends. Of course, convincing Luann of that isn’t a done deal, and may never be unless she manages to mature past her insecurity.

  3. Oakleif commented on Rose is Rose almost 2 years ago

    Oh oh. Now you’ve freed him…

  4. Oakleif commented on Calvin and Hobbes over 2 years ago

    I didn’t know Calvin was one of the Koch brothers…

  5. Oakleif commented on The Grizzwells over 2 years ago

    I thought it was ADOST: Attention Deficit Ohhh Shiny Thing

  6. Oakleif commented on Rose is Rose about 4 years ago

    Why am I seeing something with a pig, a goat, and an armed duck?

  7. Oakleif commented on Dog Eat Doug over 4 years ago

    Careful, Sophie, or that smile will get you a trip to the vet for rabies shots…

  8. Oakleif commented on Arlo and Janis over 4 years ago

    Love is a choice to put the other’s needs and desires ahead of your own. That’s not fashionable in our society, which is one of the main reasons IMHO why the divorce rate is so high. No, life won’t be perfect; there will be tight money, crappy jobs, and all other manner of stresses on your relationship. But if you choose to make your spouse more important than you, and your spouse reciprocates, it will all work out. That’s what I hear in Arlo’s response.

  9. Oakleif commented on PreTeena over 4 years ago

    What is Jeri doing with soap and sneakers?

  10. Oakleif commented on Peanuts over 4 years ago

    Horsehide refers to the baseball because the leather cover on the baseball (which is now usually made of cowhide) used to be made of horsehide. Horsehide was the cover of choice for decades, as it was less prone to stretching than cowhide. This was necessary in part because in the early days, they tried to play the entire game with a single ball, or as few as possible. That became moot in the 1920s, but horsehide continued to be used until the 1980s or so, when horsehide became prohibitively expensive and cowhide was finally adopted as the standard cover for a baseball. [From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glossary_of_baseball_(H)]