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  1. geg42 commented on Joe Heller about 20 hours ago

    You’re a schmuck being led by the nose. O’Keefe has been discredited on every front, had legal judgments against him based on his alleged journalism, and been proven to have edited his videos out of context. He knew that press would not cover his hackery so he built that into the narrative. You ate the line right off his spoon.

  2. geg42 commented on Jim Morin about 1 month ago

    It was so terrible of the Clinton foundation to feed all those starving children.

  3. geg42 commented on Jim Morin about 1 month ago

    I’m sorry, you have failed out of rocks class. You are dumber than a bag of rocks.

  4. geg42 commented on Glenn McCoy about 1 month ago

    Does anyone know where she is buried? I feel like dancing.

  5. geg42 commented on Mike Lester about 1 month ago

    Classic inability of unwillingness to distinguish between civil and criminal offenses.

  6. geg42 commented on Bob Gorrell over 3 years ago

    Fail. http://www.religioustolerance.org/hom_bmar.htm

  7. geg42 commented on Pat Oliphant almost 4 years ago

    Welcome back Pat!

  8. geg42 commented on Win, Lose, Drew about 4 years ago