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  1. jebarringer commented on Doonesbury over 4 years ago

    Yeah, it’s always great for a station’s credibility when one of its big talking heads doesn’t know how tides work, and thus insists “god did it”.

  2. jebarringer commented on Rubes over 4 years ago

    You do know that we’ve observed evolution happening in a lab setting, right? And that we induce it all the time in various organisms? Face it, there’s no “IF” about it.

  3. jebarringer commented on Pearls Before Swine over 4 years ago

    “Getting a good laugh out of the evolution defenders pulling out their usual name-calling and handy-dandy fallacies.”
    Just to correct your apparent typo: you mean “deniers” instead of “defenders”. Evolution stands up well on its own; it doesn’t need defenders. However it does need explainers, to correct misconceptions spread by the religious folks that just can’t bear to have evolution be accepted by the masses.

    “And, no, evolution (particularly in the sense you mean it) is not a theory like gravity is a theory.”
    Actually yeah it is, no matter what your anti-science mind may want to think. It is testable and can be refuted, it makes predictions (about where fossils will be found) that are later shown to be correct, and it is based on observations and current understanding. You (and others like you) seem to be having trouble with the fact that the theory of evolution is extremely complex, and is made of many parts.

    “no new genetic code is created by it, or by any other natural process”
    So you’d be shocked to learn that we humans have pieces of a virus’ genome interbedded in our own DNA.

    Finally, as has been stated earlier, there is no “microevolution” and “macroevolution”. There is simply evolution. The macro/micro bs was madeup by IDers in response to the overwhelming evidence for evolution.

  4. jebarringer commented on Pearls Before Swine over 4 years ago

    If you can disprove the well established theory of evolution, I’d love to hear it. After all, actual biologists, paleontologists, etc etc have been trying to do so for 150 years, and have not been able to. But hey, I’m sure a random commenter on a message board knows the “real” facts, so much more than those who spend their entire lives studying it.

  5. jebarringer commented on Speed Bump over 4 years ago

    …we have many fishapod fossils. Who ever said we have no evidence of them?

  6. jebarringer commented on Doonesbury over 5 years ago

    Oh, and did either of you ever give an alternative to the theory of gravity? Or is the theory of evolution the only theory that has to be “resisted”?

  7. jebarringer commented on Doonesbury over 5 years ago

    @ the two supposed ‘professors" on this thread. I attended a religiously affiliated private K-12 school. you remind me of the history and science instructors I had there. They didn’t really know anything about their subject, even though they had a degree from a religiously affiliated university. What am I saying? I’m saying that they got an incomplete education – one that refused to consider anything opposed to the “god did it” point of view – and passed that partial dataset onto us students. Once I started reading on my own and, after graduating, attending a public university, I learned that I was, to be quite honest, screwed over in my education in those areas, as I was never given the full picture. Indeed, some of my high school science teachers actually lied to us about certain areas that disagreed with “god did it” – all with the endorsement of the church. Now, I don’t think they lied on purpose; I think they just were never taught themselves, and they weren’t “brave” enough to read or teach anything that went against the religious “this is the way it is”.

  8. jebarringer commented on Doonesbury over 5 years ago

    @ProfessorChaos: So tell me, if you’re so quick to dismiss evolution as “just a theory”, I’d like to hear your alternative to gravity – after all, gravity is “just a theory” as well. @everyone insisting “god did it”: please provide good evidence for the existence of your god.

  9. jebarringer commented on Doonesbury over 5 years ago

    @chikuku: it’s been long established that the mercury content in the MMR vaccine (and the vaccine as a whole) is not related to autism, yet the antivaxers continue to harp on it. It’s also long been established that you consume more mercury by eating a tuna sandwich. Also, “Jenny McCarthy has plenty of cases of Autistic children who have been helped, even cured, by a dairy-free diet.”. No, she doesn’t. She has people that she’s made think that, or that mistakenly claim that, but no evidence of any of it. All McCarthy has is the preventable deaths of 656 individuals on her head. http://www.jennymccarthybodycount.com

  10. jebarringer commented on Doonesbury over 5 years ago

    “I’ve read the gun control people’s stuff and found it to be very unconvincing.” Hey Orion, I can play that game too: Stop going with ‘everybody knows’ and do some research. I’ve read the ‘let everyone have guns’ people’s stuff and found it to be very unconvincing.