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  1. dhubin GoComics Pro Member commented on Tom Toles about 1 month ago

    Maybe one of the contestants in this war over territory should have been depicted as female. It ain’t just men who do this. (“On Tuesday, a Florida woman was removed from a flight from New York to West Palm Beach after she “flipped out” when a seat back was reclined in front of her, reported ABC News.”<http://www.boston.com/news/nation/2014/09/02/the-war-the-reclining-airplane-seats-continues-with-another-flight-diversion/TuhYpHAyM086ygqmsJJQIK/story.html>)

  2. dhubin GoComics Pro Member commented on Henry Payne 3 months ago

    On seeing Payne’s cartoon, I logged on to post a comment pointing out the ignorance it showed. I was pleased to see that others had already done so. Elian was to be returned to his only surviving parent, his father from whom he’d been kidnapped by his mother who wasn’t happy with the custody decision and chose to subject Elian to a life-threatening boat trip to Florida. He was never in any danger of being abused, forced into slavery or being a child soldier, or killed. Yes, he should have been returned to his father and there would have been no controversy over it but for the Right’s paranoia over the failed communist regime in Cuba. The situation with the children from Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador is completely different. Only someone suffering from a blinding political agenda and disrespectful of his audience would suggest that the cases are symmetric.

  3. dhubin GoComics Pro Member commented on Lisa Benson 10 months ago

    Ms. Benson proves that there are still professions (?) that one can pursue even if one has neither knowledge of the relevant facts nor intelligence to evaluate the evidence. America’s a great country; you can always find an audience that allows you to be a cartoonist (or pundit on Fox, for that matter) and pontificate about things you have no understanding of. (And, I use ‘pontificate’ with apologies to the current Pontiff.)

  4. dhubin GoComics Pro Member commented on Dana Summers 10 months ago

    To Parker Pleads Pardon for Dr. Canuck and Martens:

    One point in response and one questions:

    There are, of course, many negative stereotypes of women. I certainly didn’t mean to suggest otherwise. Though I’ve seen many of those—and many recently—I don’t remember seeing any recently that suggested that the difference between men and women was that men are responsible, multi-faceted characters and women have only one hedonistic thought. That’s what Dana Summers’ cartoon is saying if you take it seriously. (And, again, I assume it was meant in a light-hearted, teasing way.)

    But my question is this: Why do you think it’s amiss for me to make the point I did about courts? There’s ample evidence that fathers are routinely relegated to a status of second-class parent (if they’re allowed to continue to parent after divorce at all). (Read Sanford Braver’s Divorced Dads: Shattering the Myths for evidence of this.) And it seems obvious that part of the reason courts tend to favor mothers is that there is a stereotype that mothers are better parents. The image of a lazy, bumbling, incompetent, or uncaring father is a common trope in advertising and in popular comedies. It doesn’t seem at all amiss to me to suggest that the specific stereotype that Summers’ cartoon reinforces (mom’s thinking about the kids, meals, laundry—everything that’s necessary to provide a good home for kids—and dad’s just thinking about beer) plays a role in disadvantaging men in divorce/custody proceedings.

  5. dhubin GoComics Pro Member commented on Gary Varvel 11 months ago

    Perhaps political cartoonists should be required to take a course on climate and weather so that they would understand the difference between the two. I think it’s unfortunate that global climate change has gotten labeled in the popular press “global warming.” That has led people who don’t understand the issues (or don’t want us to understand the issues) to think (or pretend to think) that the now well-established theory of global climate change means that for each of us, everywhere, every day will be a couple of degrees warmer. When we have a cold snap in a region, this leads people like the dullard Sen. Inhofe and others to think that global climate change has been refuted.

  6. dhubin GoComics Pro Member commented on Dana Summers 11 months ago

    Perhaps it’s bad form to make a serious comment about a cartoon such as this, but I’ll do it nevertheless. Of course, all of us know that this is a false characterization of the differences between how men and women think. (And I don’t mean just because some of us men think more about single malt scotch then we do about beer, or even because we know that most men think more about sex than beer.) Men juggle lots of different issues and they’re not all shallow, hedonistic concerns. Men think about and worry about how their children are doing. There’s plenty of research about how men’s well-being is affected by concerns for the well-being of their children. Men worry about whether they’ll be able to support their families. The are more likely than women to have the responsibility for keeping cars and houses in good working order—keeping track of these things, if not doing the work themselves.

    And, if we wanted to paint women in a bad light, we could reverse the cartoon’s target and portray them about thinking only about the next sale on women’s clothing or the latest romance novel they read while men juggle serious concerns about work, family, and so forth.

    I’m sure Summers means this strip to be good-natured teasing. And, there’s one way in which the stale trope of the good-for-nothing (even if lovable oaf) of a man works to men’s advantage. It sets a low bar for men to exceed. But these sorts of cheap shots at men bother me because men do care about and think a lot about their children and making their lives go well. When mothers and fathers divorce, these hackneyed stereotypes of men as useless, hedonistic, loafers hurt their chances for achieving shared custody of their children. Courts, who are notoriously bad at actually relying on social science research, are not immune to being influenced by these stereotypes. Far too often, they take good, loving fathers (who think about much more than beer) our of their children’s lives, except as financial providers through forced child support payments.

    Even jokes meant in jest can contribute to an environment that harms good fathers, and their children.

    Now, I’m going to take a break to get a beer—which is, of course, all I’ve been thinking about as I’ve typed this.

  7. dhubin GoComics Pro Member commented on Chip Bok about 1 year ago

    Oh, for God’s sake! No one has ever accused anyone of being a terrorist—even metaphorically—for saying “Stop the health care train wreck.” No one has accused those who voted against the Affordable Care Act of being terrorists (even metaphorically) in virtue of that vote. People did use harsh words for those who were willing to bring the government to a halt, wasting billions of dollars, endangering the credit of the United State, and undermining the reputation of our nation in the eyes of the world to try to get, through such threats, what they couldn’t win through the regular political process either in Congress or at the ballot box.

    Don’t try to portray such people as the loyal opposition just trying to make their case to the public. That doesn’t pass the smell test.

  8. dhubin GoComics Pro Member commented on Bob Gorrell over 1 year ago

    I think the issue faced by the courts was whether the FDA had the authority to restrict the sale of these products. The FDA is supposed to base its restrictions on medical evidence, not social policy—even good social policy. If Congress wants to restrict the sale of “Plan B”, it can pass a law to do that.

  9. dhubin GoComics Pro Member commented on Clay Bennett almost 2 years ago

    A bit of a gender stereotyping going on here. Lots of fathers would be hugging their children and, as Dredpiraterobt$ noted, it was Nancy Lanza who was the gun fan.

    To rightisright , I’d point out that dividing people simply and categorically into “good guys” and “bad guys” is a practice that should end sometime in middle school. “Good guys” sometimes experience psychological difficulties, sometimes get enraged, sometimes have bad aim, sometimes fail to lock up their firearms, sometimes have a relative with mental problems, sometimes misunderstand what’s going on in a situation.

    And, to Tigger: I’ve really heard no advocacy from leading “liberals” that we should ban the manufacture and sale of all firearms. I know some people advocate that. But there is absolutely no serious political movement among liberal/progressive leaders to ban all firearms. You can put that boogeyman back in the closet. What is being advocated is banning high-capacity magazines and semi-automatic weapons.

    For those who believe that any restrictions on the type of arms that can be privately owned constitute a violation of the 2nd Amendment: where is the outrage against the restrictions on ownership of RPGs, machine guns, and, for that matter (since the 2nd Amendment just says “arms”), biological and nuclear arms? Why aren’t these unconstitutional restrictions on our right to “keep and bear arms”? If they are, let’s have the NRA take a stand in favor of the right to own all of these arms privately. If they’re not, then why can’t the right to bear arms be restricted in the ways that are now being discussed?

  10. dhubin GoComics Pro Member commented on Chan Lowe over 2 years ago

    Jase99: Keep in mind that for every story like yours, there’s an opposing one. For example, in my case, while I had my children almost half the time and paid both child support and alimony, as soon as the divorce was final and the court wasn’t watching what my ex was doing, she told me that she wouldn’t pay anything for my daughter’s ballet lessons or my sons’ activities and if they were going to continue these things, I’d have to pay everything. I did. And when my kids went to college, my ex paid virtually nothing for their college. (I think she bought my daughter her textbooks one semester.) Don’t overgeneralize from your own case. Some dads aren’t responsible. Ditto for some moms. Some dads aren’t generous with their kids because Mom treats the kids like her property and the basis for her paycheck. In my experience—and I’ve worked with hundreds of divorced dads through various organizations—fathers who are allowed to be real fathers to their children, and not just ATMs for Mom, support their children.