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  1. dzw3030 commented on Ken Catalino about 8 hours ago

    I worked with classified programs for 19 years, creating classified tech reports and memos. If I had ignored the rules as Lady Liberal has done, I’d be out of a job and in jail. Of course, I’m only a registered Democrat, not a Party Elite. She and her consort are incredibly arrogant.

  2. dzw3030 commented on Steve Breen about 8 hours ago

    Digging up a bitter ex-wife’s complaint is typical politics for the DNC. No point in talking real time issues when you can sling BS.

  3. dzw3030 commented on Clay Bennett about 8 hours ago

    Gun laws and motorcycle helmet laws are not related. You’re comparing apples to wheat, so to speak. BTW, focusing on an object rather than human behavior is futile.

  4. dzw3030 commented on Over the Hedge about 9 hours ago

    Just before the movie’s release, Geeks in the field did find a Large Raptor-like critter in Montana. But yes, the movie “puffed the product” so to speak.

  5. dzw3030 commented on Moderately Confused about 9 hours ago

    @GretchensMom: I got adopted by a yearling Red Heeler mix. I came home from work and he was living under my porch. RIP Spooky, you’re still a Good Dog.

  6. dzw3030 commented on Lio 3 days ago

    “where and how does Death go shopping?” Probably at second hand stores, for whats left over after folks cross over.

  7. dzw3030 commented on Frank & Ernest 3 days ago

    Watter’s World on O’Reilly’s show is just as scary.

  8. dzw3030 commented on Scott Stantis 3 days ago

    She didn’t have to get her pinkies sweaty. I’m sure she told one of the faithful, “Make it so” and some underling did the deed. I expect the actual tech is now working for a safe company and there was never a written work order, no paper trail.

  9. dzw3030 commented on Ken Catalino 3 days ago

    “Let them just do their own thing without interference?” Like promoting terrorists who murder? The Iranian Leadership is fanatical and has never bargained in good faith with infidels.

  10. dzw3030 commented on Ken Catalino 3 days ago

    “I’d rather watch an “enemy” I don’t trust,” They won’t let you just watch. They’ll put you in a cage and burn you alive because you’re an infidel.