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  1. LyleH commented on Ted Rall 12 days ago

    Free “End of Life” consoling was made available to Seniors so they could plan ahead for financial needs, Health concerns, Funeral expenses and things like choosing Cremation vs Burial. This was to ease some of the stress of the aging process. It was immediately seized upon by the GOP as a Death Squad, bent on killing off old people. It then fragmented into various stories like the one shared here.

  2. LyleH commented on Mike Lester 12 days ago

    Immigrants from the US won 6 Nobel Prizes this year. How is your family doing.

  3. LyleH commented on Views of the World 23 days ago

    Jordan is already overwhelmed, so why doesn’t the EU send 10 Billion a year to help it house, feed, and educate the Refuges, who currently comprise 20% of the total population? If the US did the same for another country, there would be less pressure on the EU, and less hate mongering in both the US and the EU. As an aside, perhaps GB should kick in 5 mill. or so, since they split.

  4. LyleH commented on Joe Heller 27 days ago

    Trump will not lose his base. Remember he can shoot someone in Times Square and he won’t loose a supporter.

  5. LyleH commented on Jen Sorensen 28 days ago

    But I bet you liked Regan….and he got a cool million for ONE SPEECH. It’s all about which political party you cling to, how you don’t like women in power, and how you are jealous of people, who aren’t athletes, making a lot of money.

  6. LyleH commented on Mike Luckovich about 1 month ago

    If you are with a person who without planning, decides to rob the store you are both in, and that results in a death, you are charged with murder. If you are a cop, and another cop with you murders someone, that same law should apply. If that were in practice, there might be fewer deaths.

  7. LyleH commented on Marshall Ramsey about 1 month ago

    The Government thinks that the worst is still ahead. Some of the newest “High Tech” Military equipment is for “Crowd Control”. A “Taser” array that can knock down an entire crowd while only doing permanent damage to a few. A laser shield that at full power can set people’s clothing on fire at a distance. An automatic shotgun with almost no recoil that can fire 100 rounds a minute (rubber bullets or steel shot). These don’t have a use overseas. Strictly for large riots domestically when we are under “Martial Law”.

  8. LyleH commented on Jeff Stahler about 1 month ago

    Congress needs to rescind the law they passed, that prohibits patients buying drugs from outside the US. Drugs that cost hundreds here can be found at a fraction of that both inside and outside the EU.

  9. LyleH commented on Ted Rall 3 months ago

    If you are willing to lie about how Gaddafi was killed and who did it (he was captured and shot by Libyans)….how are you different than Trump….or more believable.

  10. LyleH commented on Nick Anderson 3 months ago

    Interesting that Trump calls up all the fear and hate that he can, and then says that only he can save us from it.