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  1. LyleH commented on Ted Rall 18 days ago

    If you are willing to lie about how Gaddafi was killed and who did it (he was captured and shot by Libyans)….how are you different than Trump….or more believable.

  2. LyleH commented on Nick Anderson 29 days ago

    Interesting that Trump calls up all the fear and hate that he can, and then says that only he can save us from it.

  3. LyleH commented on Joe Heller 29 days ago

    Facebook says that she has been given a prominent position in the Clinton Campaign.

  4. LyleH commented on Robert Ariail about 1 month ago

    it looks like the “Fix” was in….If you can’t say “Guilty”….you can imply it….or that she is too careless to be “Commander and Chief”

  5. LyleH commented on Lisa Benson 2 months ago

    Australia has done just fine with their program.

  6. LyleH commented on Matt Wuerker 2 months ago

    The NRA has extensive records on all known gun owners….At the first sign that the general population decide it was time to take back their Government, the download to the Military and local law would be instantaneous. Martial Law trumps the Constitution.

  7. LyleH commented on Phil Hands 3 months ago

    The problem here is that the taxes already collected went to things other than infrastructure. This will continue until Lobbyists are forbidden to give money to Politicians or their supporting organizations, and Politicians cannot work for businesses that they had oversight for when they were in Congress.

  8. LyleH commented on Mike Luckovich 3 months ago

    The congress needs the 86 Billion in interest from Student Loans, otherwise they would not be able to pay some of the “People” they owe favors….

  9. LyleH commented on Jerry Holbert 5 months ago

    Scare the hell out of both parties: “Feel the Bern”

  10. LyleH commented on Big Nate 8 months ago

    My Daughter is an Art Teacher for Elementary and Middle School. She teaches in three buildings for a total of 730 art students. There is stress in Art….