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  1. imnotreal2 commented on Graffiti 1 day ago

    I always thought it was, “He who hesitates is not only lost but also miles from the next exit.”

  2. imnotreal2 commented on Agnes 1 day ago

    Prove that it isn’t Schrodinger’s cat.

  3. imnotreal2 commented on Rose is Rose 2 days ago

    I’ve not done it with oranges, but I have caused an apple-anche.

  4. imnotreal2 commented on FoxTrot 3 days ago

    92.22222 % is correct. It doesn’t matter how many more tests there are. The question asks for the AVERAGE of the remaining 90% of the work.

  5. imnotreal2 commented on Frank & Ernest 9 days ago

    Pretty frosty quotation.

  6. imnotreal2 commented on Shoe 19 days ago

    Probably to emulate this: http://www.divisorplot.com/images/sky.jpg

    A starry night sky at dusk.

  7. imnotreal2 commented on Free Range 21 days ago

    Luckily for someone 448-843-7623 doesn’t exist. At least not in the USA

  8. imnotreal2 commented on The Born Loser 24 days ago

    Doctor Toon isn’t lying about North Dakota. My father left the house to feed the livestock in the barn just as a snow storm started and got back to the house three days later. He survived on very fresh milk and fresh eggs.

  9. imnotreal2 commented on Off the Mark 25 days ago

    Actually, when it’s green balsa wood is so heavy it doesn’t float.

  10. imnotreal2 commented on Broom Hilda 27 days ago

    Anybody else remember when you could buy a realistic looking foam rubber brick that you could throw at your TV?
    It certainly helped relieve the feeling of frustration.