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  1. shunting commented on The Knight Life 4 days ago

    His editorial today was freaking brilliant.

  2. shunting commented on Rabbits Against Magic 9 days ago

    hat tip (I assume) to Victor Borge

  3. shunting commented on Buni 10 days ago

    If you can’t take the heat, GIT OUTTA MY KITCHEN

  4. shunting commented on The Norm Classics 10 days ago

    I saw his reunion with Andy & Stewart back in 2006 (in Oakland), it wasn’t that great. Of course they had JUST started that tour and hadn’t had time to gel, I heard they got a lot better as the tour went on

  5. shunting commented on Rubes 14 days ago


  6. shunting commented on B.C. 16 days ago

    I assume ve vill be hearing more comments on spelling for a vile…

  7. shunting commented on Nick Anderson 18 days ago

    Someone here in the comments remind me… Bill Clinton is running for what, again?

  8. shunting commented on Over the Hedge 20 days ago

    And Trump would eat his mini-pizzas with a fork and knife.

  9. shunting commented on Darrin Bell 22 days ago

    Trump: Yeah, but how many Mexicans do you see in China? It worked!

  10. shunting commented on Off the Mark 24 days ago

    A Will Smith movie without the line “Aww, HELL no!”