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  1. shunting commented on The Duplex 3 days ago

    Yep, too late…

  2. shunting commented on Wizard of Id Classics 5 days ago

    I always thought the potion that made her more beautiful is one HE can buy down at the pub.

  3. shunting commented on The Argyle Sweater 8 days ago

    Looks like someone blew a seal.

  4. shunting commented on Signe Wilkinson 11 days ago

    So, all these places are acknowledging themselves as evil, eh? I don’t think so.


  5. shunting commented on The Argyle Sweater 13 days ago

    Argyle Sweater has already done this joke…


  6. shunting commented on WuMo 15 days ago

    It’s been done…



  7. shunting commented on Darrin Bell 17 days ago

    But if he kills Baby Hitler, how will Jeb!’s grandpappy Prescott make the family fortune?

  8. shunting commented on Off the Mark 2 months ago

    Obviously not a wisdom tooth…

  9. shunting commented on Nick Anderson 3 months ago

    Another word for believing your Faith trumps the Law, and that you must enforce others to act according to your beliefs:


  10. shunting commented on Loose Parts 3 months ago

    What a bunch of oy-sters