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  1. shunting commented on Tom the Dancing Bug 2 days ago

    It’s a weekly strip, you can get one a week or two a week.

    If you don’t like the reruns, you should skip Thursdays and settle for just the one.

  2. shunting commented on Mike Luckovich 2 days ago

    Obama left Iraq at Iraq’s insistence upon the exit treaty signed by George W Bush. Let us not forget exactly why the US left.

  3. shunting commented on Over the Hedge 7 days ago

    Was it some kind of hummingbird? Must be a small bird to be able to hide behind a flower like that…

    hee hee hee hee…

  4. shunting commented on MythTickle 10 days ago

    Where are the other 98 red balloons?

  5. shunting commented on Off the Mark 15 days ago

    It’s CENTURY Pi Day, 3/14/15

    (where were you at 9:26:53?)

  6. shunting commented on Get Fuzzy 15 days ago

    On Dog We Bust… lol

  7. shunting commented on Speed Bump 22 days ago

    I’ve heard of Somalier Pirates, but this is not what I pictured.

  8. shunting commented on Brewster Rockit 23 days ago

    My God, it’s full of DOLLAR SIGNS!!!

  9. shunting commented on Tom the Dancing Bug 24 days ago

    Now, if the kid had only sued for emanciation AND mandatory college tuition…

  10. shunting commented on Off the Mark 24 days ago

    Looks like she can’t get service, or he can’t get a signal…