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  1. kd1sq commented on Endtown 2 days ago

    Dream sequence!

  2. kd1sq commented on Endtown 5 days ago

    You get the right tomcat – ain’t nobody gonna be messing with him.

  3. kd1sq commented on Ten Cats 13 days ago

    A week ago I brought home a 32" HDTV, set it up and went to bed at 9:00pm.

    By 6:00 am the next day the cat flock had knocked the TV face down onto the floor and broken the screen.

    The larger replacement is screwed (at four points) to the table top it sits on.

    Even so, I half expect to see the cat legion of the damned trying to work together to tip the entire table over…

  4. kd1sq commented on Basic Instructions 16 days ago

    A Dagwood fan, I’d say….

  5. kd1sq commented on The Fusco Brothers 20 days ago

    Oh pooh – everyone’s a critic!

  6. kd1sq commented on The Elderberries 20 days ago

    Sounds like “Mutts” but it’s the cat that has the speech impediment?

  7. kd1sq commented on Francis 20 days ago

    Brother Leo is the Wise Fool in this strip. A well established role in tale telling.

  8. kd1sq commented on The Fusco Brothers 21 days ago

    Everyone start humming “95 Tears”…

  9. kd1sq commented on Rose is Rose 25 days ago

    I got a MeeMaw – the wife is less large but she can cook, is a superb baker, can plaster, do woodwork, draw, is a great nurse (and field surgeon in an emergency,) can doctor large and small animals…

    …you get the idea…

  10. kd1sq commented on Ten Cats 29 days ago

    Possibly most exclusively outdoor cats have short lives. Our old boy who was a hybrid indoor/outdoor cat (he’d vanish for weeks at a time – he definitely didn’t have another home he was visiting – lived to the ripe old age of 22. He was the roughest, toughest cat we ever knew. And the best one we ever knew.