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  1. kd1sq commented on Ten Cats 2 days ago

    There are cats and there are cats. This cat was never, ever, going to let anybody keep him from going where he wanted, when he wanted. He traveled miles from home for up to two weeks at a time in pursuit of his chosen adventures. He was a full member of the family but in no way anyone’s pet – that would have been doing him a disservice. He fought and defeated any number of other cats, dogs, foxes, raccoons and humans of bad intent. He saved any number of lesser cats from death in the jaws of predators. He ruled a huge band of feline followers with a just paw.
    Had Hemingway known this noble cat, it wouldn’t have been a leopard that appeared in “The Snows of Kilimanjaro.”

  2. kd1sq commented on Ten Cats 3 days ago

    Given that Ten Cats world really does have nine lives for the little guys, it’s funny.

    Our old tomcat (who reincarnated himself nicely, we’re actually thinking there is something to it) used up his nine by bodysurfing off of cars. Even so, he made it to a ripe old 22 years of age in his first incarnation.

  3. kd1sq commented on Luann 3 days ago

    I bought a bag of emo grass to reseed the lawn…

    …it cuts itself.

  4. kd1sq commented on Pearls Before Swine 7 days ago

    Go get ’em Toon boy – not everyone thinks Family Circus is cutting edge…

  5. kd1sq commented on Pearls Before Swine 13 days ago

    In this area they have poutine, too. Super tasty and bad as hell for ya!

  6. kd1sq commented on Arlo and Janis 14 days ago


  7. kd1sq commented on Luann 15 days ago

    He shoots –
    He scores!

  8. kd1sq commented on Pearls Before Swine 15 days ago

    “Both of you I’ll beat.” – Scans better ’toon boy!

  9. kd1sq commented on Doonesbury 19 days ago

    I always liked that black and white indian movie they’d play after midnight. Not much action but very dependable.

  10. kd1sq commented on That is Priceless 24 days ago

    This one is exactly the way some aspects of this event should be handled. Hiding and shutting up is exactly what those animals want people to do.

    An given what I’ve heard of the victims, they would have satirized the whole thing themselves and gotten a good laugh and a good point out of it too!