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  1. Erichalfbee commented on Get Fuzzy 10 days ago

    Cause and effect

  2. Erichalfbee commented on The Flying McCoys 25 days ago

    I should think Polly would then exercise a little retribution.

  3. Erichalfbee commented on Barney & Clyde 25 days ago


  4. Erichalfbee commented on Dude and Dude 28 days ago

    Probably the most annoying cartoon dog ever, so yeah, a bowl of water.

  5. Erichalfbee commented on The Other Coast about 1 month ago

    Sheep eat them, and right into the root to if they can. My Canary also enjoys a leaf or two.

    As to the cartoon, why spray weedkiller on your food, are there any weeds on your food?

  6. Erichalfbee commented on U.S. Acres about 1 month ago

    The last worm is a total Don Martin Character.

  7. Erichalfbee commented on Dude and Dude about 1 month ago

    No such thing as Sodium Chlorine, they are two separate elements.

    Sodium Chloride is Salt (NaCl)

    Sodium Chlorate is used as a weedkiller. (NaClO3)

    Sodium ignites in water, but used to light a fire? Pretty unlikely, you have to keep it in oil, dropping it into water ignites the hydrogen gas that is given off, even if you removed it with a tongs, it would go out unless there was still water present, no reaction otherwise. I guess you could light a spill from it and then light the fire, bloody longwinded way to light a fire though.

  8. Erichalfbee commented on Imagine This 2 months ago

    Poor old Erol died today.

  9. Erichalfbee commented on Non Sequitur 3 months ago

    Vetinari’s office surely!

  10. Erichalfbee commented on Diamond Lil 3 months ago

    First time I ver saw a Robin with teeth! Tomorrow the chick will be spat out.