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  1. Dean commented on Shoe 1 day ago

    “They” are now saying that ‘it is the number of drinks per seating that determines an alcoholic’. So I always get up to make a new drink and use the restroom.

  2. Dean commented on Andy Capp 1 day ago

    I wish they would harvest all the Canadian geese here for holiday meals. They leave so much [Expletive] mess all over our parks and they seem to have a lot of “attitude”.

  3. Dean commented on Andy Capp 3 days ago

    I only needed to tweak my filter list when Adblock removed the magnify button from the comics.

  4. Dean commented on Heathcliff 11 days ago

    Some models exhaust the heat out the bottom because that is where the defrost water collects in a flat tray. The heat then helps evaporate it. Occasionally this needs to be pulled out and the cat hairs cleaned away!

  5. Dean commented on Tarzan 16 days ago

    If it is now too dangerous today to cross, how was this bridge originally built?

  6. Dean commented on Tarzan 19 days ago

    Will we get to see that terrible face, or must we imagine something worse than anything that could be drawn?

  7. Dean commented on Mutt & Jeff 20 days ago

    Is he wearing a suit of armor because he expects a beating for his proposal?

  8. Dean commented on Mutt & Jeff 21 days ago

    Double-knit leisure suit?

  9. Dean commented on Mutt & Jeff 22 days ago

    If this was originally drawn before “Hippies” existed, then Cicero was probably one of those “Dirty Beatniks” (as my Grandmama used to call them).

  10. Dean commented on Peanuts 23 days ago

    Just watched the TV version of this story earlier tonight (Thursday).