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  1. junco49 commented on Doonesbury over 4 years ago

    @grmartin997 This IS serious business. And a needed break from all the insanity of the world. We knew you could cry Mike, don’t hide it.

  2. junco49 commented on Doonesbury over 5 years ago

    From sources I cannot name at this time, I happen to know that the rapture will indeed occur on May 21st 2011. Naysayers, will regret their snide remarks. BELIEVE IT!
    On May 25th commemorative T-Shirts will be available for $30 each at www.endtimesarehere.scam. Color choices will be blood red and dead black. Text options are limited to “I survived The Rapture and all I got was this lousy T-Shirt” and “Who am I, Where am I, Who are You?”

  3. junco49 commented on Jim Morin over 5 years ago

    tigger and various other rightwingnuts:


  4. junco49 commented on Calvin and Hobbes over 5 years ago

    CB rules here:


  5. junco49 commented on Doonesbury over 5 years ago

    The admonition that warns against envy DOES make sense, but only in this way:

    Envy, which can also be called covetousness, if allowed to thrive, destroys the one who covets. Envy eats away at our good feeling and good sense. It destroys hope. It encourages us to believe that our worth is measured by what we own and control. It damages our ability to make good choices.

    Envy’s “wrongness” does not justify unfair distribution of wealth. Envy does not hurt the one envied it hurts the one who envies.

    Those who justify their avarice (thanks wdgnas for the reminder) by citing the “sin” of envy are both ignorant and posturing.

    The alternative to envy is NOT “keeping one’s place.” I suppose that anger is one, Running, but I hope there is something more productive. Anger does motivate us to find a better one though.

  6. junco49 commented on Stuart Carlson over 5 years ago

    graphics has nailed it.

    Safe use though, really means safe use. Not promised safe use.

    Oh! and SUPER-GOOFY: WTF!!!!!!

  7. junco49 commented on Jeff Danziger over 5 years ago

    Oh Goofy: I just remembered. WTF????????????????

    Or would you prefer to be called SUPER-GOOFY?

    BTW: The real Goofy, as opposed to you, may be a little silly, but he’s real nice guy.

  8. junco49 commented on Matt Davies over 5 years ago

    The little girl has absolutely no respect for that poor sweet man.

  9. junco49 commented on Bob Gorrell over 5 years ago

    OH and Tigger: WTF???

  10. junco49 commented on Glenn McCoy over 5 years ago

    fritziod: He is definitely a cards fan. There’s a Cards banner in the tree to his right. Being from Minnesota I am, of course, a Twins fan.

    That Baseball also rises is about the only good news these days.

    Oh, and the alleged warmer weather that comes with it.