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  1. Nozzi commented on Pearls Before Swine 8 months ago

    He’s dead, Stephan.

  2. Nozzi commented on Momma 8 months ago

    I remember I saw this below in the newspaper years ago, it may have been an ad for a painting company, ‘Repaint, Repaint & Thin No More.’

  3. Nozzi commented on Free Range 8 months ago

    He would still be alive if it wasn’t for that damn curiosity who took his life in cold blood.

  4. Nozzi commented on Agnes 8 months ago

    All it takes, is a little imagination Trout, use it.

  5. Nozzi commented on Sunny Street 9 months ago

    He does look a little flushed.

  6. Nozzi commented on The Flying McCoys 9 months ago

    Good thought….perhaps it’s a habit & not a positive one at that.

  7. Nozzi commented on Sweet and Sour Pork 9 months ago

    Then let him hop, after all he’s from the family of grass hoppers.

  8. Nozzi commented on Sunny Street 9 months ago

    Eggzactly, I just don’t see any yolk in them.

  9. Nozzi commented on Real Life Adventures 9 months ago

    yes, especially when it includes fleas.

  10. Nozzi commented on Break of Day 9 months ago

    She couldn’t help it, he sweet talked her.