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  1. Jonni commented on Free Range 3 days ago

    Hey doc! Gimme the Elmer Fuddgesicle? says Bugs Bunny.

  2. Jonni commented on Shoe 8 days ago

    Only when the Plymouth Valiant is re-introduced, then it will be named the Plymouth Valet, you will tell it to go find a space and come back when you signal.

  3. Jonni commented on Gray Matters 10 days ago

    I did not know toothpaste had gluten, he won’t be able to brush his teeth anymore. Now one lists itself as gluten free right on the package.

  4. Jonni commented on Something about Celeste 10 days ago

    He has one, its an “Infantasi”. Limited edition of course.

  5. Jonni commented on Bound and Gagged 10 days ago

    He looks a bit angry after giving her the first driving lesson.

  6. Jonni commented on Something about Celeste 14 days ago

    My GPS has a woman’s voice, they call it the default voice. So, I blame her if the directions are wrong, she gets dee fault when it happens.

  7. Jonni commented on Eek! 15 days ago

    Be afraid if they say, “Hello, sweetie pie!”

  8. Jonni commented on Brevity 15 days ago

    Very likely this group will not have the “one hit wonder” like the original group.

  9. Jonni commented on Shoe 16 days ago

    Baloney and gravy stirred with a tornado like whisk. Sounds like my usual Thanksgiving dinner.

  10. Jonni commented on Looks Good on Paper 16 days ago

    “beviek” says it better than my better unsaid version.