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  1. Jonni commented on Half Full 1 day ago

    Late night TV and a credit card makes it easy..+ shipping and handling, of course

  2. Jonni commented on Bent Objects 1 day ago

    are those real tea leaves they’re munching?

  3. Jonni commented on B.C. 5 days ago

    Yes, to both questions. And my paycheck was not dinosaur sized either, but the car was cheap when it was 12 years old.

  4. Jonni commented on Rose is Rose 6 days ago

    Jimbo must defer to the magic of Harry Potter.

  5. Jonni commented on B.C. 6 days ago

    I used to buy at that gas station, Sinclair Gas, but that was when I had a Chrysler Imperial. That dinosaur sized car stopped there very often.

  6. Jonni commented on Pluggers 7 days ago

    Hey, Halloween is coming. I’m wearing my vintage leisure suit for a costume same as Dracula always wears the same suit when he prowls.

  7. Jonni commented on Misc Soup 7 days ago

    Well, that is a most ponderous question.

  8. Jonni commented on Bound and Gagged 7 days ago

    ….or a Barracuda

  9. Jonni commented on Snow Sez... 8 days ago

    Curious George actually escaped from the House session.

  10. Jonni commented on Pluggers 8 days ago

    I pull off the 2 lane road when a combine is going to the next field, they are so big they need the whole road just to keep the wheels on the pavement. Then back on to pass the semi following the combine since it uses just one lane.