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  1. Jonni commented on Pluggers about 10 hours ago

    I did that with a flashlight. It was impossible to find when the power went out in a storm. Not the best idea I’ve had.

  2. Jonni commented on Smith 2 days ago

    Smith may be stumped by “Biscotti” or “Bi-Scottie”. Is it a cookie or two of those terrier pups?

  3. Jonni commented on B.C. 2 days ago

    Methinks the cartoonists are airing their frustration with commenters of context in art.

  4. Jonni commented on WuMo 5 days ago

    Egg. Soon to be scrambled by the beater.

  5. Jonni commented on Gray Matters 5 days ago

    One rebel or a group of rebels.Interesting. So, he could hear Bob Dylan but now needs a group of Weathermen? He must be hard of hearing in his old age.

  6. Jonni commented on Pluggers 5 days ago

    Visitors say my tap water has a taste. I don’t know. What the pump supplies from my well is what it is, but the iron is removed by the water softener salt.

  7. Jonni commented on Pluggers 7 days ago

    The waiting lines must be incredibly long at those places if he leaves now, at 9A.M.

  8. Jonni commented on Smith 8 days ago

    Since they are not green or orange they must be one of the high altitude brands on extra duty, like Penn or Wilson.

  9. Jonni commented on Smith 8 days ago

    Whether they are runners of color or just all gray, the gold is still a sweet medal to earn.

  10. Jonni commented on Half Full 10 days ago

    Just try to bike like it was ‘then’ and you will get looks of derision for not having the ‘now’ look, but I don’t care. Biking is fun!